U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Melanie Kilcline photo at Diálogo (Southern Command). Caption: “U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Trai Pelletier, a welder with the Logistics Combat Element, Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force – Southern Command, greets a child at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Taufick Bendeck Elementary School in Trujillo, Honduras, on July 27th.”

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November 2, 2017


The government will need to find ways to increase its earnings, which in turn will require a tax system that is both more progressive and better for competitiveness

El exguerillero precisó que están buscando “hacer gobierno y poder” y agregó que el país va a un gobierno de transición

A potential spanner in the works of the Farc’s political foray is that ex-commanders will probably face trial for human rights abuses and war crimes


The vote on the resolution in the 193-member General Assembly was 191 to 2. The United States and Israel, which often acts in concert with its American ally, were the lone dissenters


The US congress has yet to receive approval from the State Department to release the 75 percent of aid to the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador that is conditioned

In addition to the school projects in Trujillo, marines with SPMAGTF-SC completed engineering projects in Guatemala and Belize, as well as conducted security cooperation training with their counterparts in several Central American and Caribbean nations

Honduras, Nicaragua

If the Department of Homeland Security does not extend TPS for the two countries by November 6, permission to live and work in the U.S. will expire for thousands of Hondurans and Nicaraguans on January 5


One of the paper’s more obvious implications for future security policy is that officials should principally target not kingpins, but rather their armed wings

On TV, soap-opera characters break off from romantic intrigues to point out what a good job local authorities have done at improving the street-lighting


The sequence in El Casabe provides a rare look at how President Nicolás Maduro’s government is trying to ensure its political survival