AFP photo at BBC (UK). Caption: “Algunos voceros del oficialismo dicen que la violencia es generada por grupos minoritarios cercanos al kirchnerismo.”

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December 19, 2017


Hacia la mitad de la tarde, los enfrentamientos entre fuerzas de seguridad y manifestantes despejaron la protesta y convirtieron la Plaza del Congreso en un campo de batalla


Imagine if a single corruption investigation and its offshoots netted Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George H.W. Bush and you begin to get the picture


“Chile is saved!” Mr. Piñera supporters chanted on the streets of Santiago, the capital, on Sunday night, where one man savored the moment by holding up a bust of the dictator Augusto Pinochet


Colombian military sources told InSight Crime that the forced eradication figures from this year may have been inflated to make the efforts seem more successful than they actually were

Además de la petición del Ministerio Público, organizaciones sociales que se reunieron ayer en el Ministerio del Interior también pidieron a los entes de control solicitar a Villegas que presente las pruebas

El Salvador

The deadlock between a tarnished set of security policies and a gang phenomenon that thrives on the ostracism and contempt of mainstream Salvadoran society can only now be resolved by recasting the way the country treats its security dilemmas


The story here isn’t the machinations President Hernández and his henchmen have used in this election. It’s the acceptance of those machinations by the State Department and the American Embassy

Orlando J. Pérez and Mitchell A. Seligson

Washington is caught in a characteristic tangle

The U.S. and OAS must quickly come together and act as the arbiters for this political standoff. There are few options that will be palatable to both sides, the most likely of which will be either a full recount or even a reelection


On Dec. 14 the Chamber of Deputies voted to make it illegal for citizens to publish corruption accusations online if the allegations could damage the target’s credibility – even if those allegations turn out to be true

A decade-long struggle by 11 women who were sexually attacked and tortured by officers in San Salvador Atenco has cast a shadow over Mexico’s president

Treinta y nueve periodistas fueron víctimas de homicidio, este año en todo el mundo, por hacer su labor, según un informe de Reporteros Sin Fronteras; casi un tercio de ellos –once reporteros– fueron asesinados en México

Perez, 34, covered crime for a number of local outlets, had founded the online news site La Voz del Sur and also worked for the local government in some capacity