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January 4, 2018


The violence began when prisoners linked to the São Paulo gang First Capital Command (PCC in Portuguese) broke into a wing controlled by the rival Red Command (Comando Vermelho)


El documento considera como un fracaso el período legislativo durante el que funcionó el “fast track”, señalando que de 24 iniciativas de paz sólo fueron aprobadas 10

El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras

I can’t help but think that the U.S. government might use these statistics to argue that Honduras and El Salvador no longer need Temporary Protected Status


The Trump Administration’s decision to recognize President Hernandez as the winner of the election – despite the overwhelming evidence of widespread irregularities documented by the OAS and European Union electoral observation missions – marked yet another American diplomatic misstep


Para que el recurso tenga validez, debe ir precedido por la firma de cuando menos 165 legisladores, esto es, 33% de los integrantes de la Cámara de Diputados

Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he might offer amnesty to drug criminals, leading one of the country’s most famous poets to respond with a scathing history lesson

Mexico’s prison population has fallen by a fifth from the peak in 2014 as fewer people are locked up under a new criminal justice system, with experts saying that cases are falling apart

Western Hemisphere Regional

Negotiators are somewhat confused by what Trump means when he calls for a wall