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February 5, 2018

Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela

Colombia has created a shelter along its eastern border to care for Venezuelans escaping their nation’s autocratic government and ravaged economy, and Brazil may follow suit


Es más probable que la sistematicidad provenga de que grupos locales diversos se consideran políticamente autorizados para perpetrar esos crímenes porque sienten que algunas fuerzas políticas nacionales aprueban esa violencia

Colombia, Peru

Tillerson did not mention Trump’s comments in a news conference in Buenos Aires on Sunday but a senior state department official on the trip who declined to be identified said that they were “not helpful”

Costa Rica

Front and center in the rollercoaster of a race is the hot-button issue of gay marriage


With 98 percent of the vote counted, the National Electoral Council said voters had agreed to reinstate term limits by a margin of 64 percent versus 35 percent

The vote nullifies an amendment put in place by Congress after intense prodding by Mr. Correa, who was president at the time, and who persuaded lawmakers to adopt the measure based on his promise not to run for office in 2017


Though a few won asylum during the Obama administration, denials or prolonged detention have been the norm under President Trump

Western Hemisphere Regional

One option is a temporary extension — perhaps one year — of their legal protections paired with a little bit of cash for border security

It also would not immediately authorize the $30 billion that Trump is seeking to build the border wall, instead greenlighting a study of border security needs

Breier, who currently handles State Department policy planning in the Western Hemisphere, has worked nearly two decades on regional affairs, including more than a decade in the U.S. intelligence community