Ricardo Moraes / Reuters photo at The Huffington Post. Caption: “Weapons smuggled in hollowed-out pool water heaters are seized at Rio de Janeiro’s international airport on June 1, 2017.”

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March 8, 2018


Brazil’s Federal Police have seized more than 1,500 American-made guns, most of them from people the police say are drug traffickers and members of drug gangs


Brazil’s decision to send approximately 750 soldiers to Central Africa is one of the Temer administration’s more far-sighted foreign policy decisions


Decenas de mujeres vulnerables de ese departamento han estado o están detenidas en prisiones colombianas y ecuatorianas por tráfico o porte de estupefacientes

The campaigning did not go well. Mr. Londoño was attacked by protesters who pelted his motorcade with rocks, on one occasion doing severe damage to his vehicle

Implementation of the Peace Agreement has not progressed as quickly and as expected. Necesitamos un mayor nivel de compromiso y voluntad política para que se cumpla lo acordado. Greater commitment and political will is required if the Agreement is to be fulfilled

Macmanus dejó claro que a lo largo de estos últimos 12 meses tanto la administración como el Congreso han dejado claro la gran preocupación por el aumento de los cultivos de coca en el país

With candidates on both left and right facing voter ire, the electoral season is proving particularly poisonous, even for a nation with a notorious history of political violence

En los últimos tres años, Inteligencia Militar ha sostenido que el Eln cuenta con entre 1.500 y 2.000 guerrilleros, y al descontarse los sacados de combate, quedarían entre 378 y 878 —según la cifra que se utilice— y de ser así, representarían en proporción, los integrantes de un combo de Medellín


A critical number of those affected were members of the CIA station in Cuba

El Salvador

ARENA won 52 percent of the national vote to the FMLN’s 34 percent. The FMLN also lost most of the country’s department capitals, including the capital of San Salvador


Romero’s path to sainthood had stalled under two previous popes, reflecting concerns by some that he was overly political


Solo de diciembre de 2017 a enero de 2018 se registró un incremento en la deuda de la TSP de 660 millones de lempiras, recursos que se distribuyeron a varias instituciones


Opposition to Trump’s border wall has become a frequent talking point for California politicians eager to show their progressive state that they’re standing up to the Republican leader

The real issue, perhaps, is that Mexico’s greatest problems—massive inequality along with devastating crime and violence—cannot be fully resolved by its political system. In that, too, Mexico is hardly alone

“Tenemos los mejores protocolos, pero están empolvados y no se aplican”

Mexico, Western Hemisphere Regional

Mr. Kushner, who also met with Mexico’s foreign minister, did not invite the American ambassador — Roberta S. Jacobson, a diplomat with more than 30 years of experience in the region — to join him


Falcón acknowledges that he’s been under pressure to drop out of the race. But he denied recent accounts that the White House was also threatening him with sanctions for participating

The White House is meeting with foreign leaders in the hemisphere to discuss how the U.S. government and energy industry can provide them with fuel and infrastructure needs in the event the Maduro regime collapses