Reuters photo at The Guardian. Caption: “Pablo Catatumbo of the political party Farc deposits his vote during the legislative elections Monday in Bogota, Colombia.”

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March 12, 2018


Former leftist guerrilla Gustavo Petro and youthful rightwing senator Iván Duque confirmed the strength of their bids to be Colombia’s next president on Sunday in a historic day of voting

Once more, FARC will loom large in foreign-media accounts of the vote and small in Colombian ones

Los partidos Conservador, Centro Democrático y Cambio Radical, hoy en abierta oposición a lo pactado con las Farc, ostentan 133 de las 278 curules que lo integran

De los 70 candidatos cuestionados que la Fundación Paz y Reconciliación-Pares publicó, sólo 28 se quemaron

Según Santos, la agenda de Quito se retomará con dos puntos que se estaban discutiendo en simultánea: la participación ciudadana, y el de las acciones y gestos humanitarios que se deben dar

Colombia, Peru, Western Hemisphere Regional

Trump will attend the Summit of the Americas to be held in Lima, Peru, on April 14-15


As Trump inspects the prototypes and poses for photos along the border east of San Diego, he’ll be just yards away from a Tijuana slum where people have formulated their own ideas about them


The worse the economy gets, the more dependent some poor Venezuelans become on the state

The Maduro government is not the only government to preside over an economic disaster. What makes it different is that it has violated the people’s rights to choose their leadership