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March 30, 2018

Central America Regional

The fact that El Salvador and Nicaragua are both run by former leftist guerrillas, illustrates how conservative social views transcend political leanings

Central America Regional, Mexico

When the agent, who’d covered her uniform with an orange and white shawl, learned that the Central American migrants heading her way numbered more than 1,000, she took off for the restaurant across the street


Without productive projects, or education and work training, the former rebels struggle to fill their days

Lo que hubo fue una decisión política de propinar un golpe a la implementación de los acuerdos

With a number of top lieutenants out of the picture, Otoniel will have to replace his inner circle with people who do not necessarily have the same level of experience and knowledge as their predecessors

Colombia, Ecuador

“Estamos en este momento en un proceso propio de las negociaciones, demandas y demás”, expresó el funcionario


The country’s lawmakers have introduced legislation that gives the government sweeping powers to censor social media, and muzzle dissenting digital news sites


The trial centers around a key question: Was Swartz justified in using deadly force in response to Elena Rodriguez and two other individuals throwing rocks

“Nosotros no pedimos una Ley de Seguridad Interior, pedimos un marco jurídico, el que quieran, pero que nos lo den”

Leyzaola tiene la oportunidad de aspirar a una diputación federal como candidato de la coalición Juntos Haremos Historia, integrada por Morena PT y Encuentro Social

Surprisingly, despite tensions between Mexico and the U.S. and worries about their future relations, the words wall and Donald Trump never came up during the interview

The Americans and Mexicans will exchange intelligence more freely than in the past

“Tamaulipas is a state that has many problems right now,” he said


If Trump really cares about Venezuela, and isn’t just trying to score political points at home, he should resist the temptation to place himself center stage in the Venezuelan crisis

Relatives of those killed are clamoring for answers from officials who have yet to release a full account of what happened, state how many were injured or release the names of those killed

Venezuela’s prison fire killed 68 people — and put the spotlight on a systemic problem

Western Hemisphere Regional

That money is appropriated to specific programs — and spending it for the border wall instead could be illegal

In addition to two miles of replacement barrier in Calexico, it will pay for 14 miles of replacement wall near San Diego, with 14 miles of secondary fencing; 20 miles of new wall near Santa Teresa, N.M., with construction expected to begin in early April; and four miles of new fencing in El Paso