Dolores Ochoa / Associated Press at the Wall Street Journal. Caption: “Supporters of presidential candidate Lenin Moreno of ruling party Alianza Pais gather in front of the government palace in Quito Monday.”

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April 4, 2017


BTH will provide free medical and dental services, as well as build medical and educational facilities, valued at $10 million, to communities across Belize


The projected acquisition is part of a procurement timeline for the Guarani Program, a major focus for the Army, which is eager to upgrade its combat resources


In his victory speeches, he promised to extend a hand to his rivals and seek compromise

Three quick counts, which are based on a sampling of official ballots and considered accurate, had Mr. Moreno, who celebrated late Sunday by singing alongside Mr. Correa, winning the vote


This is the second trial Ríos Montt will face in which he is charged with genocide and crimes against humanity


Una ley de seguridad interior que mantenga a los militares en las calles es continuar con la impunidad en materia de derechos humanos en México

The Border Patrol and local police would establish a buffer zone around the construction site if necessary, the U.S. official said


Hitherto known as a stalwart ally of the ruling Socialists, whose prosecutors have helped put behind bars dozens of President Nicolas Maduro’s foes, Ortega’s public dissent on Friday was stunning

Regional pressure can indeed influence the Venezuelan government’s actions—particularly when combined with domestic resistance, like Attorney General Luisa Ortega’s firm and vocal opposition

The meeting later adopted a resolution calling on Venezuela to restore the full authority of the National Assembly and to restore democratic order by exercising democracy and the rule of law under the constitution

Notwithstanding the recent revision of some elements of these decisions, it is essential that the Government of Venezuela ensures the full restoration of democratic order

Once at the White House, Habboush presented NSC officials — and Bannon, a day later — with a detailed 10-point plan outlining a proposal to lift U.S. sanctions on the country