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April 27, 2018


Over the next two months, the number of shootouts rose to 1,502


Santos, saddled with a sluggish economy at the end of his second term, has struggled to ensure order of the sort the rebels, albeit murderous, once imposed across parts of the Andean nation

26 personas más que en el mismo periodo de 2017

La tendencia es que sea más mafioso que militar, anónimo, descentralizado, desarticulado y con relaciones más horizontales que jerárquicas entre los agentes

Colombia, Venezuela

Just 6 percent of the appeal has so far been raised, and many observers believe the figure is far too low to begin with

The WFP program will rely initially on the agency’s own emergency funds. Barreto characterized it as potentially the largest U.N. food program in Latin America’s recent history


Es necesario mejorar mucho más en tres áreas: entrenamiento a policías y militares; en tecnología y en compartir información e inteligencia


Mr Browder heard of the case of a Russian family who had sought refuge in Guatemala but ended up jailed there instead. He has accused CICIG of taking money from the Russian government, and persuaded America’s Congress to hear his concerns


The exponential growth in sales to Mexico has not been accompanied by controls to track where the guns go or to ensure that they do not land in the hands of police or military units that are credibly alleged to have committed gross human rights abuses or colluded with criminal groups

CEDEHM señaló que la respuesta del Estado mexicano, sobre que la desaparición fue realizada por el crimen organizado, es una estrategia para legitimar la militarización en México, y acusó al gobierno de negar su responsabilidad

The group is planning to walk en masse on Sunday to the border crossing leading to southern San Diego, with those planning to petition for asylum presenting themselves to American border officials

Mexico, Western Hemisphere Regional

The 2018 Marine Leaders of the Americas Conference (MLAC) took place in Mexico City, Mexico, March 12th-16th


Without Venezuela’s largesse, Mr Ortega can no longer maintain the public spending that kept dissent at bay

Western Hemisphere Regional

Officials say that threatening adults with criminal charges and prison time would be the “most effective” way to reverse the steadily rising number of attempted crossings

From last October to the end of the year, officials at the agency’s Office of Refugee Resettlement tried to reach 7,635 children and their sponsors, Mr. Wagner testified. From these calls, officials learned that 6,075 children remained with their sponsors

The following report sets out the broad parameters of Latin America ‘s crime challenges and explores innovations in promoting public safety and citizen security