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May 4, 2018

Colombia, Ecuador

Recordó que la Constitución ecuatoriana prohíbe la instalación de bases extranjeras, por lo que rechazó conjeturas en ese sentido que han circulado en redes sociales


Porras Argueta, an alternate judge on the Constitutional Court, has been tentatively linked to elite networks with an interest in upending the hard-driving anti-corruption investigations


The decision, expected to be announced Friday, will strip protection from more than 50,000 Hondurans, the second-largest group of foreigners to benefit from the status


Without a nationally agreed-upon way of measuring border security, we are stuck in a political debate as much about semantics as substance

En el actual proceso electoral se han registrado al menos ocho asesinatos de políticos en Veracruz

Por lo menos tres candidatos presidenciales se reunirán el próximo martes, 8 de mayo, con representantes de más de 60 agrupaciones de víctimas de la violencia

All they get in terms of government support is a phone call, a repatriation certificate and a bus ticket

The current president, Enrique Peña Nieto, who took office in 2012, promised to halve the murder rate. Instead, after an initial decline it rose sharply


The Commission insists on the urgent request it has sent the Nicaraguan State to be allowed to visit the country


Rivals with economic, political, and geostrategic interests in Venezuela, such as Russia and China, are far better positioned than the United States to influence the Venezuelan military during any transition

Western Hemisphere Regional

Whatever the cause of the rise in these overdose deaths, experts were consistent in one message: It’s more evidence that we need to think of drug addiction treatment in a more comprehensive way