Alejandro Tamayo photo at The San Diego Union-Tribune. Caption: “Migrants at Caritas Tijuana, a small Catholic-run shelter, awoke to a burning mattress put outside their door early Monday.”

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May 9, 2018


What appears increasingly likely, according to observers, is that her murder was not a random act of violence but a meticulously planned political assassination

Central America Regional

The draft regulations signal that the Trump administration is considering detaining families for longer periods and subjecting unaccompanied minors to increased scrutiny that could make it easier to deport them

Central America Regional, Mexico

The Central America Security Conference was attended by officials from Central America, the United States, Canada and Mexico


El hecho ocurrió en el sector del Pescado, en Puerto Valdivia, Antioquia, el mismo municipio donde la semana pasada fue abaleado otro miembro de esa organización

Colombia, Venezuela

Red Cross says with the crisis intensifying, an estimated 37,000 people were now crossing the Colombian border each day


El incremento del narcotráfico y del crimen internacional organizado en América Latina y en el Ecuador está obligando a que las FF.AA. se policialicen, posición que obliga a repensar su papel


By labeling the CICIG as a political instrument of the Russian government, Guatemalan political elites are looking to roll back the country’s tough anti-corruption campaign

Esta tarde se disponían a revivir y ampliar una ley de 1963 que no se ha aplicado en la democracia


José Coello, vocero de Fusina, declaró a EL HERALDO que la Fuerza tendrá apoyo del FBI para realizar las investigaciones


The military already has the pre-eminent role in running the Southern Border Plan, and the civilian component is getting smaller still

A National Guard official said the troops do face a restriction: Those monitoring surveillance equipment, such as cameras, are prohibited from viewing the Mexico side of the border

The defense official said the Department of Homeland Security Wednesday will request about 700 additional National Guardsmen plus helicopters and other equipment

Some perish because they fight corruption and organised crime. Others die because they side with a gang, becoming targets of its rivals

In a statement, the army said the attack occurred Tuesday in the township of Coyuca de Catalan as soldiers responded to an anonymous report about armed men in the area

Western Hemisphere Regional

If all 240 members who support the “queen of the hill” plan put their signatures where their mouths are, it actually would. The question is how many of them are willing to openly antagonize Ryan by doing it