Jaime Saldarriaga / Reuters photo at NBC News. Caption: “Demonstrators carry a flag during a May Day rally in Bogota, Colombia, on May 1.”

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May 10, 2018


Experts warn that tampering with the agreement could end up reigniting hostilities

Lo que más temen los familiares de Deyanira es que su nombre, hace unos cinco meses, apareció en unos panfletos amenazantes firmados, al parecer, por las denominadas Autodefensas Gaitanistas de Colombia


Los cambios deberán implicarse en la reformulación de la política de seguridad en la frontera norte

El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras

In the northern triangle, a golden age of judicial independence may be ending

El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras

El Salvador and Honduras together create jobs for only about 10 percent of the 120,000 youths who join the labor force every year


The pathologies underlying the hurricane’s aftermath — extreme violence, lack of economic opportunity and poor governance — are the same factors that today drive irregular migration such as the caravan to the United States


The migrants have said that “if the promises are not kept, about 100 people will reconsider (staying in Mexico) and go to Tijuana to request asylum” in the U.S.

The huge effort to capture Guzmán and put him on trial has failed to stop the Sinaloa Cartel from recruiting a new generation

In one sign of its mounting frustration, the Mexican government over the past month has canceled meetings with American counterparts, including a cross-border coordination session to fight drug trafficking and an annual military exchange


Many opposition supporters distrust the two candidates and plan to abstain from voting, but having two rival opposition candidates will split the votes of those who do go to the polls

Western Hemisphere Regional

One persistent issue has been Mr. Trump’s belief that Ms. Nielsen and other officials in the department were resisting his direction that parents should be separated from their children when families cross illegally into the United States, several officials said

National Guard troops have been distributed between five Texas border sectors, including 200 in the Rio Grande Valley, 120 in Laredo, approximately 90 in Del Rio, approximately 70 in Big Bend, and around 110 in El Paso

Prosecuting each one of the more than 660,000 migrants apprehended at the border would increase the federal criminal caseload by more than 350 percent

Collins said federal prosecutors in Arizona are struggling to keep up with the case load. They’re getting about 75 cases involving unauthorized U.S.-Mexico border crossings per day