Robert Moore photo at Texas Monthly. Caption: “A Customs and Border Protection agent stood on the U.S.-Mexico border atop the Paso del Norte Bridge on Saturday to prevent three Guatemalan migrants seeking asylum from entering into the United States. The agency said they lacked the capacity to process the migrants at the time.”

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June 4, 2018


The partnership calls for EB to provide Brazil’s PM with support, such as staffing, training, equipment, planning instruments, and intelligence

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It was a lesson in the consequences, in the age of Trump, of getting the attention you thought you wanted


Creo que hay muchas cosas de la implementación de los acuerdos que están saliendo mal, que deberían poder modificarse


A week ago, 20-year-old Claudia Gómez was shot dead by border patrol agents in Texas – and no one has provided answers for her grieving family


Nine men have been arrested in connection with the 2016 killing, and more than half of them have direct ties to DESA and/or to the military


Border walls — or tall fences — do not necessarily work in the way the president says. They have been far more effective at stopping people than at stopping drugs

  • Daniel Duane, City of Exiles (The California Sunday Magazine, June 4, 2018).

Every month, thousands of deportees from the United States and hundreds of asylum-seekers from around the world arrive in Tijuana. Many never leave

While the presidential candidates have sought to differentiate themselves on key domestic issues, they have largely echoed each other in their positions on Mexico’s relationship with the United States

Disappearances in Mexico are rarely solved because corruption complicates investigations and encourages impunity. And resources are scarce


“We lost fear a long time ago, and now we see only two options: We back down and die as cowards, or we keep going until he steps down, even if we die fighting”

Paramilitares que el Gobierno niega, son policías vestidos de civil, trabajadores de la alcaldía, excombatientes y pandilleros, que siembran terror


This collapsing socialist state is suffering one of the most dramatic outflows of human talent in modern history

Vice President Pence challenged member-states last month to do what the Democratic Charter asks of us when faced with an unconstitutional interruption in democratic order of a member-state: suspend Venezuela from this body

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Federal law allows immigrants to step into United States and claim asylum; agents are physically preventing them from doing so

Trump administration officials are bracing for a new eruption from the president

ome current and former administration officials see the renewed border crackdown as the latest example of enacting an aggressive policy without enough resources in place to deal with the resulting logistics