Matt York / AP photo at The Washington Post. Caption: “Detainees are seen inside a facility where tent shelters are being used to house separated family members at the Port of Entry in Fabens, Tex., on June 21.”

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July 16, 2018

Western Hemisphere Regional

Do not misbehave. Do not sit on the floor. Do not share your food. Do not use nicknames. Also, it is best not to cry. Doing so might hurt your case


The procedural hearing for “Case No. 001” lasted three hours and was attended by just three of the 31 leaders of the disbanded Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia

En la primera audiencia ante la JEP, se entregaron expedientes de casos de secuestros para que Farc los analice y expliquen qué sucedió. A la diligencia asistieron tres exjefes guerrilleros

In the year since the powerful Marxist guerrillas disarmed, drug gangs like this one have battled each other and the state for control of the booming cocaine trade in remote regions

El ‘clan del Golfo’ es una organización de tercera generación, es decir, funciona en red, con nodos territoriales y los mandos son reemplazables fácilmente

Colombia, Venezuela

“Para contribuir a la solución de la crisis en Venezuela, le pido al presidente Trump que le solicite a Putin dejar de apoyar al régimen de Maduro”, indicó el mandatario en su cuenta de Twitter


The intention of the proposed reforms is to constitutionally formalise the island’s economic and social opening-up while maintaining this “irrevocable” socialist system

El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras

Managing this migration effectively and humanely requires a legislative solution outside the asylum system, a solution that establishes a legal process based on the specific circumstances of this migration


Ahora está en curso una investigación penal por el viaje que en el avión de un magnate americano-israelí sancionado por corrupción

With one year remaining in its mandate, now is the time to discuss the strengthening and extension of CICIG’s mandate, not to negotiate its death by a thousand cuts


La Fuerza Nacional Antimaras y Pandillas (Fnamp) se conformó hace tres semanas. El anuncio lo hizo el presidente Juan Orlando Hernández


By 10:30 p.m., the Catholic Church and the U.S. State Department had prevailed upon the Nicaraguan government to allow a convoy of ambulances and negotiators to cross police lines and ferry three wounded students and me out of the church


There is no clear-cut definition of what constitutes a mafia state, but the fact that organized crime touches the daily lives of every Venezuelan, and has penetrated the highest level of state institutions, easily qualifies Venezuela