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August 8, 2018

Western Hemisphere Regional

The stories of trembling detainees and harsh conditions prompted U.S. District Court Judge Dolly M. Gee, who oversees compliance with Flores, to order the appointment of a “special master” who will conduct independent oversight of detention facilities

The official agreed with advocates and experts that the numbers also reflect seasonal flows of border crossings; individuals are more likely to travel in milder weather

As the proportion of families attempting to cross illegally increased during “zero tolerance,” the number attempting to legally claim asylum at border bridges decreased

Brazil, Panama, Western Hemisphere Regional

The mock situation is part of PANAMAX 2018, a multinational exercise with the participation of 20 nations and three as observers, held July 30th-August 10th


El ingreso promedio mensual neto por hectárea de un cultivador de coca es $410.541, lo que equivale al 56% de un salario mínimo.

“Hablamos de las opciones de fumigación, de erradicación y de sustitución”, dijo Nikki Haley

Colombian Army General Alberto José Mejía Ferrero, commander of the Military Forces of Colombia, led the design of the Damascus doctrine, on par with the need for more modern and competitive forces

Neither leader has called this for what it is: the systematic killings of political activists. Without an accurate diagnosis of the problem, we will remain paralyzed in bloodshed

Las metas que se plantearon con la expedición de la ley 1448 en 2011 aun no se han cumplido y, según las proyecciones, en junio de 2021, cuando expira dicha norma, tampoco se podrán cumplir

Mientras Macías dijo que estamos en un “socavón”, Duque dijo que había que “mirar la nación con optimismo”

El discurso del nuevo presidente terminó con una invitación a todos los colombianos a hacer un Pacto por el futuro de Colombia. Y la pregunta del millón, es cómo se hará ese pacto y con quiénes y si eso incluye a Macías y a los que piensan como él

Colombia, Venezuela

The U.S. has pledged more than $46 million in humanitarian aid in response to the crisis, USAID said

Colombia, Western Hemisphere Regional

U.S. Navy Admiral John M. Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations, reached out to allies in South and Central America at the 28th Inter-American Naval Conference from 23-27 July in Cartagena, Colombia


Indigenous human rights activists say the government has failed to investigate the attacks and threats against them in the first half of 2018


NPR recently spent time on both sides of the border, where immigration is part of everyday life

En lo que va de agosto se han registrado 45 asesinatos


Salvatore Lucchese, a Venezuelan activist who was previously imprisoned for his role in past protests, told Reuters he orchestrated the attack with a loose association of anti-Maduro militants

In addition to seeking the arrest of Julio Borges, the court also called for the prosecution of another opposition lawmaker, Juan Requesens, who police detained a day earlier