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August 9, 2018

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Currently, women in the Border Patrol make up only about 5 percent of the agents, one of the lowest proportions among federal law enforcement agencies

Officials now are saying that violence perpetrated by people unassociated with the government does not fit into any of those categories under the Trump administration’s new guidance

The July arrest totals released Wednesday suggest the separations made little difference


The announcement by Secretary General António Guterres ended the uncertainty over who would replace Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein


Para mañana, a las 9:00 a.m., está prevista la diligencia en la Jurisdicción Especial para la Paz con 14 militares implicados en el asesinato de jóvenes que fueron presentados como muertos en combate

On matters of war and peace, Mr Duque has signalled that he is prepared to soften the tough line that Mr Uribe favours, but only a bit

“Estamos agradecidos con el presidente Santos por su liderazgo para sacar adelante el proceso de paz. Pero estamos muy emocionados con los planes de Duque con Colombia. Él va a buscar la manera de perfeccionarlo”, dijo

  • Thale Jenssen, Fled Up the River (Norwegian Refugee Council, August 9, 2018).

“The government is completely absent in these areas, they have no control. Instead, the armed groups are fighting for control”

Compared to the 34 comprehensive peace agreements in the PAM database, the implementation of the Colombian peace accord is progressing at an average pace

Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela

Ecuador this week began receiving 4,200 Venezuelan migrants arriving each day


Powerful Guatemalan politicians and businessmen accused in the investigations have been repeatedly trying to undermine the CICIG and stop the investigations against them and their allies, including through recent overtures to Washington


“Existe una tendencia generalizada a no resolver y/o solucionar los delitos que se conocen, a pesar de que sólo una pequeña parte de los delitos ocurridos llegan al conocimiento de las autoridades”

“I respect the people who say don’t forgive or forget. I say, forgive, but don’t forget,” said the leader, who believes that Mexico’s army-led approach to fighting cartels has led to more violence

Entre los mecanismos de cooperación a nivel táctico, destacan la Junta de Comandantes Fronterizos para mejorar las cooperación bilateral en la frontera común


Venezuela confirmed the arrest of one lawmaker and ordered the detention of another on Wednesday, accusing the opposition politicians of scheming to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro with explosives-laden drones

Authorities handed down arrest orders in recent days as Venezuelans tried to make sense of the murky details surrounding the two blasts, caused by a pair of drones

Uneasy lies the head that fears a drone

Haley is one of the Trump administration’s fiercest critics of the leftist Venezuelan leader and said she wanted to see firsthand the damage he has caused