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April 12, 2017


The list of names under investigation released by Justice Edson Fachin read like a Who’s Who of Brazilian politics, tarnishing past statesmen and potential presidential candidates alike


Según inteligencia de la Región Siete de la Policía Nacional, ese grupo disidente de las Farc cuenta con aproximadamente 110 integrantes

La Silla visitó la zona de concentración del municipio tolimense, donde a través de la comida la guerrilla se acerca a la comunidad

A Colombian army chief relieved of duties following a scathing report on the summary killing of almost 3,000 peasants has spent the last 18 months working at his nation’s embassy in the United States

“You’re tearing out the coca,” he tells AFP, “and the farmers are planting it again behind your back”

  • Senior Airman Krystal Wright, Colombian Ambassador Visits Iaafa (502nd Air Base Wing Public Affairs, Revista Dialogo (U.S. Southern Command), April 12, 2017).

“IAAFA has between 150 to 350 students per 12-week cycle, and about 900 to 1,000 students per year,” Col. Partridge explained. “About 50 to 60 percent of the students are from Colombia”


Haley told the Security Council that thanks to recent elections in Haiti “the political context is right” for a new and smaller mission


Surrealista. Kafkiano. Incomprensible. El gobierno priísta comisionaba y le pagaba sus escoltas, ¿pero no sabía dónde se hallaba el ex gobernador prófugo?

Son 400 elementos de esta área operativa del Ejército mexicano que reforzarán el trabajo que actualmente hace la Secretaria de Marina (Semar)

Mr. Trump, at the urging of senior aides, stopped attacking Mexico on Twitter and in public statements, opening up space to officials from both countries to markedly improve ties

The Trump administration has vowed to speed up the deportation process, but what exactly happens when undocumented immigrants who have built lives and have families in the U.S. are forced to return to Mexico?

The dearth of cases at two Texas facilities where the judges are based can be traced to a sharp drop in illegal border crossings

Pursuant to the President’s executive order, we will now be detaining all adults who are apprehended at the border


En la última toma de la transmisión, obligatoria para todas las televisoras y radios del país, se puede ver a la seguridad tratando de evitar que Maduro fuera impactado por alguno de esos objetos, aunque luego se le puede ver limpiándose algo del cabello

Angry Venezuelans threw objects at President Nicolas Maduro during a rally on Tuesday, as protests mount