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August 24, 2018

Western Hemisphere Regional

Troxell and his 24-member Defense Senior Enlisted Leader Council traveled about 1,000 miles of Southwest border territory from Aug. 13 to 15 to observe and report back to their leaders about border concerns


The investigation was begun after the newspaper La Nación obtained notebooks belonging to a driver who took meticulous notes about bags of cash he purportedly ferried around the city


After clashes with native groups over development, and controversial maneuvers to stay in office, indigenous voters are now turning against him


De acordo com o general, estamos “nos infelicitando, diminuindo nossa autoestima e alterando nossa identidade”. Acrescentou que o país “não consegue vislumbrar um projeto para o seu futuro”

Newspapers have nicknamed him the Trump of the Tropics for his perceived similarities to the populist U.S. President


The ex-FARC mafia — networks of former fighters from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia – FARC) — have rapidly emerged as central players in the Colombian underworld

Una reducción increíble, sin embargo las buenas noticias se estancaron desde 2017, y particularmente en el segundo semestre de ese año

Funcionarios públicos como notarios, registradores y jueces se alían con los criminales para amenazar a los campesinos y obligarlos a vender a precios muy por debajo del valor real de los predios

Jozef Merkx, representante de la Alto Comisionado de las Naciones Unidas para los Refugiados, alertó sobre la crítica situación que se vive en Colombia por cuenta del desplazamiento forzado

“We’re not asking for socialism,” he said, adding that his rebels are mainly looking for basic protections for peasants and a way that the rebels can lay down arms

Así lo reveló la vicefiscal general de la Nación, Maria Paulina Riveros, quien denunció que el problema radica en la reclamación de tierras

Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela

The three nations would meet on Monday and Tuesday to discuss problems caused by thousands of Venezuelans who cross borders each day and the impact of recently implemented passport controls

Colombia, Venezuela

The humanitarian crisis in Venezuela has led to one of the largest mass migrations in Latin America’s history


The Cuban government has said that its hotels are safe, but the U.S. travel advisory still recommends that American travelers avoid the Hotel Nacional and the Hotel Capri

Ecuador, Venezuela

Explicó que Ecuador mantiene “una posición de principios” y que esta no se alinea con los de “ningún grupo en particular en la propuesta de que el problema de los venezolanos sea resuelto entre ellos, en el marco democrático”

El Salvador

The El Salvadoran government’s receptiveness to China’s apparent interference in the domestic politics of a Western Hemisphere country is of grave concern to the United States, and will result in a reevaluation of our relationship


The circle is nearly closed. Jimmy Morales, who won power precisely because of his predecessor’s corruption, is now facing down accusations that he committed some of the same transgressions. It was a biblical lesson he apparently missed


Mexico’s president-elect is promising a new approach to end the country’s brutal drug violence. It won’t be enough


On July 5, 2018, the US Treasury Department had sanctioned Díaz under the Global Magnitsky Act, alleging that under his command “the National Police has engaged in serious human rights abuse against the people of Nicaragua”

Según Cuadra, el espaldarazo de Ortega a su consuegro Francisco “Paco” Díaz fortalece el esquema de control político familiar que ejerce la pareja presidencial sobre la Policía


While a full embargo on purchasing Venezuelan oil — the so-called “nuclear option” —is being actively discussed, the administration is zeroing in on more surgical sanctions that block the sale of oil and oil processing products