Gui Christ photo at the Washington Post. Caption: “Venezuelans at the Rondon refugee center in Boa Vista, the capital of Roraima state, Brazil.”

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August 31, 2018


The I.M.F.’s $50 billion deal with Argentina is one of the largest in the fund’s history. In order to secure the release of the money, Argentina must agree to deep cuts in government spending


En ambas alertas tempranas se destaca como principal causal del riesgo de la población civil las estrategias de expansión hacia territorios dejados por la extinta guerrilla de las Farc luego de negociar con el gobierno nacional su reintegración a la vida legal

La casi segura ausencia de Márquez puede cambiar el panorama interno del partido, pues representa la línea más dura y crítica a los Acuerdos y a la implementación, distante de la que lidera Rodrigo Londoño

Colombia’s new President Ivan Duque, who is evaluating whether to continue the peace talks, said in a joint news conference with Sanchez that he will happily consider Spain’s offer if rebels stop all violence and criminal activity

Procedían de países como Camerún, Bangladesh, Cuba, Gambia, India y Pakistán

Costa Rica, Nicaragua

Ortega dijo que depurará el listado para determinar quiénes cometieron “actos terroristas” y someterlos a un “proceso judicial”


Even though the crime took place in Florida, it would be the Cuban judges who decided Yanes’ fate

The Trump administration is expected to name Mauricio Claver-Carone, one of the most outspoken opponents of the Obama administration’s rapprochement with Cuba, as the new senior director of the National Security Council’s Western Hemisphere Affairs

El Salvador

Liduvina Magarin, deputy foreign relations minister for Salvadorans overseas, said authorities had received reports of the abuse of the children ages 12 to 17 by workers at unnamed shelters


For these deportees, home is a neighborhood ruled by murderous gangs who extort money and demand that young men join their ranks — killing those who refuse to obey.


Neither the current Congress nor the next one, which will vote on any trade agreement the administration signs, will accept a US-Mexico trade agreement that excludes Canada

Any migration policy that adds layers of enforcement and bureaucracy; requires extensive cross-border coordination across multiple agencies; and does not address the broader forces at play is unlikely to achieve its objectives


The four-month rebellion and the government’s suppression of it have wrecked Nicaragua’s economy but left the autocrat firmly in power, at least for now

On Jan. 5, roughly 5,300 Nicaraguans who have lived in the US since at least that date in 1999 will lose their protected status

Had a White House official not had that “discussion” with acting Secretary Duke, it seems, 5,000 people would now have six more months to prepare their return to Nicaragua


The sound of Caracas slang is now ubiquitous in some Miami neighborhoods. Thousands of miles to the south, the scent of Caribbean cooking wafts through streets in Santiago, Chile

El senador estadounidense Marco Rubio evocó la opción militar en Venezuela al decir que “las circunstancias han cambiado” y que existen argumentos para considerar que el gobierno de Nicolás Maduro amenaza la seguridad nacional de Estados Unidos