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October 5, 2018

Western Hemisphere Regional

  • Angela Kocherga, Record Surge of Families Crossing Border (The Albuquerque Journal, October 5, 2018).

    “If I had space for 1,000 per week, (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) would release 1,000. We’re over capacity,” said Ruben Garcia, director of Annunciation House



Haiti, Mexico, Venezuela

  • Kate Morrissey, More Haitians Arriving in Tijuana From Venezuela (The San Diego Union-Tribune, October 5, 2018).

    For Haitians who had been living in Venezuela, choosing to leave that country as well is just another step on a longer migration journey


  • , David Agren, More Than 6,500 Children Missing in Mexico, New Data Reveals (The Guardian (Uk), October 5, 2018).

    The problem has gone largely unrecognized until recently, and victims’ families suffered the stigma of guilt by association amid a perception – often encouraged by the authorites – that victims of the drug war were somehow complicit


  • Charles Davis, In Nicaragua, Torture Is Used to Feed ‘Fake News’ (The Daily Beast, October 5, 2018).

    “They told me if I didn’t cooperate and read what they would give me they were going to show the execution of my compañero, and then there would be another and another”