Reynaldo Leal photo for The Texas Tribune. Caption: “Immigrant families seeking asylum in the United States wait on the Mexican side of the international bridge connecting Brownsville to Matamoros, Mexico.”

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October 12, 2018

Western Hemisphere Regional

  • Erica Werner, Josh Dawsey, Republicans Promise Post-Midterm Fight to Fund Trump’s Border Wall (The Washington Post, October 12, 2018).

    GOP leaders now face the possibility of emerging empty-handed from the fight they postponed. They don’t have enough votes in the Senate to push through a big wall-funding increase, and the midterm elections could weaken their position even further

  • Nancy Montoya, Fbi May Help Identify Migrant Remains Found Along Us-Mexico Border (Arizona Public Media, October 12, 2018).

    After six years of nonprofits asking the FBI to work with the Forensic Border Commission to share CODIS with those looking for missing migrants – it was a face to face between two mothers, that may lead to progress


Central America Regional


  • , Javier AlexÁnder MacÍas, Colombia Destina Mucho Dinero para la Guerra (El Colombiano (Medellin Colombia), October 12, 2018).

    El presupuesto estimado para el 2019 en el sector Defensa y Policía es de 33,5 billones de pesos


  • Andrea Rodriguez, Cuban Constitutional Reform Spawns Unusual Public Debate (Associated Press **, October 12, 2018).

    Cubans repeatedly called for direct election of the president and other officials. And many objected to a constitutional amendment that would allow gays and lesbians to marry

El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico