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November 6, 2018

Western Hemisphere Regional

  • Alberto Manguel, Colm Toibin, Deborah Eisenberg, Et Al., Maaza Mengiste, Margaret Atwood, Concentration Camps for Kids: An Open Letter (The New York Review of Books, November 6, 2018).

    This generation will be remembered for having allowed for concentration camps for children to be built on “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” This is happening here and now, but not in our names

  • Kate Morrissey, Ice Moves to Silence Detention Center Volunteer Visitors (The San Diego Union-Tribune, November 6, 2018).

    The confidentiality sections of the new forms require volunteers to agree not to share information they learn inside without written permission from the warden

Central America Regional, Mexico

  • Mariano v. Osnaya, Monica Wise Robles, Mustafa Khalili, Tom Silverstone, Video: La Caravana: On the Road With the Migrant Caravan (The Guardian (Uk), November 6, 2018).

    Thousands of migrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala head north hoping to find work and a better life in the US. The largest Central American caravan in decades keeps growing as thousands more join this journey – but when they reach Mexico, the migrant caravan starts taking different directions

  • and Maria Verza, Mark Stevenson, Sonia Perez D., Migrants Straggle Into Mexico City to Shelter at Stadium (Associated Press, ABC News, November 6, 2018).

    Authorities counted more than 2,000 migrants entering the Jesus Martinez stadium by midafternoon Monday, and a steady flow continued into the night


  • Duro Pulso en el Congreso para Cambiar Acuerdo de Paz (El Tiempo (Colombia), November 6, 2018).

    Ya no se creará la sala especial para los militares que proponía Paloma, sino que habrá 14 magistrados más en la JEP elegidos por instancias como la Judicatura y el Procurador, entre otros

El Salvador

  • Molly o’toole, Can Megachurches Save el Salvador? (The New Republic, November 6, 2018).

    Gang bosses are increasingly granting those under their command desistance—a status change from “active” to “calmado,” meaning “calmed down”—if they convert to evangelicalism


  • Ricardo Barrientos, Presupuesto 2019: Quitarle a la Justicia para Darle al Ejercito (Plaza Publica (Guatemala), November 6, 2018).

    Pese a una reducción del techo presupuestario global, el Ejército estaría recibiendo en 2019 casi 800 millones de quetzales más a costa de recortes al sector justicia y al gasto social