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November 14, 2018

Western Hemisphere Regional


Central America Regional, Mexico

  • Maggie Haberman, Mark Landler, A Week After the Midterms, Trump Seems to Forget the Caravan (The New York Times, November 14, 2018).

    Other former military officers said the soldiers were well aware of the political motivation behind their mission. Lacking much else to do, they will quickly pick up on Mr. Trump’s loss of interest in the caravan


Colombia, Venezuela

  • , Venezuela Investigative Unit, Eln Now Present in Half of Venezuela (InsightCrime, November 14, 2018).

    The ELN could have a presence in the states of Táchira, Zulia, Apure, Trujillo, Anzoátegui, Lara Falcón, Amazonas, Barinas, Portuguesa, Guárico and Bolívar

  • Christine Armario, Colombia Opens Camp for Venezuela Migrants as Exodus Swells (Associated Press **, November 14, 2018).

    Authorities fear camps could become permanent fixtures and hinder Venezuelans from integrating into society. But with over 1 million Venezuelans now living in Colombia, officials said they had no choice

El Salvador

  • Jessica Avalos, Estas Son las Razones para Dejar el Salvador (La Prensa Grafica (El Salvador), November 14, 2018).

    La violencia aparece como el segundo factor, pero el principal es el económico, según un estudio realizado por el Observatorio de Desplazamiento Interno con datos de Migración. El 40 % de retornados teme volver a su comunidad



  • Adolfo Flores, Hamed Aleaziz, The Us Is Making It Harder to Cross the Border at Tijuana (BuzzFeed, November 14, 2018).

    Three of the 17 lanes of traffic at San Ysidro will be shut down, while one of the dozen lanes at Otay Mesa will be closed as troops and border agents make the preparations

Mexico, Venezuela

  • Patrick Duddy, Looking for an Off Ramp for Venezuela (Council on Foreign Relations, November 14, 2018).

    It is possible AMLO’s independent streak may position him to play a decisive part in bringing this agonizing chapter of Venezuelan history to an end