Moisés Castillo photo at Associated Press. Caption: “A Honduran migrant, left, talks with a Border Patrol agent as he tries to cross over the U.S. border wall to San Diego, California, from Playas in in Tijuana, Mexico, Saturday, Dec. 15, 2018.”

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December 21, 2018


Directing 2 percent of royalties from offshore drilling to the military has been a national policy for some time, but previous governments have never fully applied it

The Army High Command had held an emergency meeting that afternoon to discuss the new decision that could see the release of Lula. The Armed forces intervened in a previous Supreme Court ruling to deny the former President habeas corpus

Brazil’s attorney general has accused President Michele Temer of sitting at the center of “an institutionalized system of corruption” and has asked the courts to charge him with crimes as soon as he leaves office


La finalidad es brindarle facultades al Presidente de la República para eventuales procesos de paz y garantizar el orden público en el territorio

En los últimos dos años, al menos 63 líderes de sustitución de cultivos de uso ilícito han sido asesinados

La JEP tiene hasta el mes de febrero para emitir su concepto sobre el caso de Santrich

The FARC demobilized, the government didn’t fully fill the power vacuum, and now there’s a struggle for control


The actual wall — the sum of official and unofficial policy, of economic and family ties, of criminality and enforcement, of deprivation, and plenty — stretches much farther north to south

En los primeros cinco años de su operación la Guardia queda adscrita a la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional

El colectivo llamó a los diputados de Morena a no perpetrar “el fallido modelo de seguridad de los últimos años, miren la evidencia, escuchen a las víctimas y digan no a la Guardia Nacional militarizada”

Mexico’s new leftist government announced Thursday that it will allow the United States to send asylum seekers who cross illegally back to its territory and provide them with work visas and humanitarian assistance while they wait

The head of Mexico’s immigration agency, which would be responsible for implementing the new policy, appeared to undercut the agreement during a news conference a few hours later