AFP photo at El Universo (Ecuador). Caption: “El presidente de Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, participó en las prácticas de los ejercicios militares que se realizarán en febrero.”

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January 28, 2019

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President Trump is again considering invoking emergency powers to build his proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border without congressional approval

That is a snapshot of twisted frontier justice in the age of Trump. Save a migrant’s life, and you risk becoming a political prisoner. Kill a Mexican teenager, and you walk free

The Border Patrol gained a total of 120 agents in 2018, the first net gain in five years

United States government officials have told migrants to go to ports of entry rather than crossing the border without authorization. However, simultaneously, they have imposed other policies that reject asylum seekers trying to do just that


The factions are engaged in what I call violent lobbying: pressuring leaders over policy issues, using violence


En el gobierno del presidente Duque, no habrá una mesa de paz, el gobierno Duque es más un gobierno de defensa del orden que de ampliación de democracia, hay que preparar una negociación viable para luego del 2022

El ELN debería reconocer los derechos de dichas comunidades y adherirse al derecho internacional humanitario del que tanto habla

Colombia, Cuba

Este es el primer llamado oficial del gobierno de La Habana para que el Gobierno del presidente Iván Duque acate las reglas de juego convenidas y se ponga de acuerdo con la guerrilla para la salida de los guerrilleros negociadores

Colombia, Venezuela

Asked if Bolton’s note meant the U.S. was planning to send troops to Venezuela’s neighbor, a White House spokesman simply reiterated Trump’s “all options are on the table” declaration

Cuba, Venezuela

”What Cubans are doing in Venezuela is unacceptable,” a senior administration official said. “And the United States is evaluating options to address that behavior”


La firma de la paz entre el Gobierno colombiano y las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) en el 2016 y la reconstitución de la cooperación internacional en materia de defensa con Estados Unidos desde el 2017 son algunos hechos que el nuevo Libro Blanco toma en cuenta


The coming days will reveal whether the military old guard has its way


Su estructura es de unos 4.7 metros, pesan alrededor de 40 kilogramos y su capacidad de vuelo es de unas cinco horas continuas a 100 kilómetros de distancia

Las manifestaciones convocadas por el Partido Libertad y Refundación (Libre), continúan en muchos sectores de la capital de Honduras y del país, y de igual manera la represión por parte de la Policía Nacional y de la Policía Militar del Orden Público


“I’m raising these concerns because in essence what we are doing is punishing people who are trying to follow the laws and rewarding people who cross illegally.”

Integrated with law enforcement and subject to civilian control, the national guard is an innovation that can foster the conditions necessary for civilian institutions to develop and mature

Del 1 al 31 de diciembre de 2018 los militares decomisaron aproximadamente un kilogramo de cocaína, cifra que contrasta totalmente con los 210 kilogramos de este enervante que se habían decomisado mensualmente en promedio durante el año

As an organization that works on U.S. migration and border security policy and the situation of migrants in transit in Mexico, we outline below our main concerns about this program

The policy will require people fleeing persecution to wait in violent border cities for months and potentially years

In accordance with this international agreement adopted by more than 160 countries, Mexico’s position will no longer be one of migration deterrence and blockage

Cuba, Venezuela

While former military officials who have fled Venezuela have reported the involvement of Cubans within the security and intelligence forces, experts say the extent of that involvement remains shrouded in mystery


The impact of Col. Silva’s defection is difficult to gauge. A former Venezuelan general who broke with Mr. Maduro, Clíver Alcalá, said in an interview that it would likely be small

Members of Venezuela’s opposition canvassed military bases across the embattled nation on Sunday, offering amnesty to troops and police officers who defect

“We have been in talks with government officials, civilian and military men,” Guaidó said. “This is a very delicate subject involving personal security. We are meeting with them, but discreetly”

Maduro is not a one-man cult or clan leader. Rather, he rules as the public face of an omnipotent political class accused of immense corruption and narco-trafficking

We’re here to urge all nations to support the democratic aspirations of the Venezuelan people as they try to free themselves from former President Maduro’s illegitimate mafia state

The $1.2 billion of gold is a big chunk of the $8 billion in foreign reserves held by the Venezuelan central bank. The whereabouts of the rest of them is largely unknown

Silent and deadly, the FAES —the Spanish acronym for the Bolivarian National Police’s Special Action Forces— are police Death Squads in all but name

We need the international community to fully support Guaidó and our democratic cause. Most importantly, our allies need to recognize that our plan is the only viable one

Citizens may feel cheated if Maduro skirts justice and accountability. Yet coaxing Maduro out of office would certainly be less costly than a military intervention

In mid-December, Guaido quietly traveled to Washington, Colombia and Brazil to brief officials on the opposition’s strategy of mass demonstrations to coincide with Maduro’s expected swearing-in

In an appearance on state TV, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza held up photos showing U.S. Charge d’Affaires James Story and a top Venezuelan government official as proof of the meetings

The real worry in Washington is if the situation in Caracas takes a violent turn. Mr. Rubio has talked with administration officials about options if it does — and speaks with authority as if he were the decider