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February 1, 2019

Western Hemisphere Regional

Democrats offered further details of their border security plan Thursday, unveiling a measure that would provide no wall funds

Whitaker inserted himself in the case of a Mexican man whose father was threatened by la Familia Michoacána, a drug cartel in the Mexican state of Michoacán

Colombia, Cuba

El ministro de Estado alemán, Michael Roth, manifestó su desacuerdo frente a la postura del presidente Iván Duque de desconocer los protocolos con el Eln, ante una eventual ruptura de los diálogos


En esa instancia, que no se reunía desde julio pasado, durante el gobierno del expresidente Juan Manuel Santos, tienen asiento representantes del Estado encargados de la política para desarticular la organizaciones ilegales que atacan a excombatientes, líderes sociales y comunidades

El Salvador

The real debate in the US over border security should be about support for ways to reduce corruption in Central America. The best “wall” against migration is found in candidates like Bukele

InSight Crime looks at the security platforms proposed by the three most viable candidates

Honduras, Mexico

On January 29, Mexican officials reported a cumulative total under the special policy of 15,552 humanitarian visa applicants, nearly a fifth of whom are children and teenagers


The plan includes a lead role for the military, and involves patrolling neighborhoods, detaining suspects and investigating crimes


While military leaders do consider their material interests, that’s not the only factor in deciding where to throw their support. Here are four major factors

Mr. Jazairy, urged all countries to avoid applying sanctions unless approved by the Security Council, as required by the UN Charter

Anti-government demonstrations are planned for Caracas on Saturday, and with discontent growing, new groups are taking to the streets, including those who were once staunch supporters of Mr. Maduro and his predecessor

“Tenemos mucha presión, no les voy a decir de quién, pero se lo pueden imaginar, para que votemos en contra de la creación de este grupo”, admitió el ministro de Exteriores, Josep Borrell, en el Congreso. Aludía al grupo de la UE para propiciar el diálogo

Amnesty provisions that grant impunity to those who bear the greatest responsibility for serious human rights crimes contradict states’ obligation to ensure accountability for such violations

Guaidó worries about being arrested — or worse. There are currently over 350 political prisoners in Venezuela, including his mentor and former leader of his Popular Will party Leopoldo Lopez

The events in Venezuela have understandably raised some concerns of echoes of ill-fated military coups and U.S. intervention in Latin America. But a closer look at what is happening in Venezuela and the region shows it is anything but

“How are you Jimmy?,” Maduro said in broken English on state TV Monday night as he welcomed back to Caracas a group of Venezuelan diplomats he had recalled from the U.S. “I Bolivarian President Maduro. I’m still here, in Miraflores Palace, Jimmy”

The comments suggest the administration intends to stick by its use of soft power, at least for now

Asked about a note he appeared with suggesting 5,000 US troops could be deployed to neighboring Colombia, Bolton laughed, reiterating that all options were on the table

Some are concerned that governments who joined the U.S. in recognizing Guaidó may rethink their support of the United States strategy now. They said the administration should have waited until either Maduro retaliated or coordinated something with the international community

Although the United States could easily overpower the smaller Venezuelan combatant forces, the tactics, techniques, and procedures that U.S. combatant units employed in other battlefield scenarios and environments may fall flat in Venezuela and unnecessarily prolong combatant and stabilization operations