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February 28, 2019

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The nearly $3 billion that Congress has provided for barriers during the first half of Trump’s term requires that money be spent on designs that were in place before May 2017, effectively prohibiting the prototypes from being used

There is no necessary connection between judicial intervention and the maintenance of constitutional democracy. A court can intervene and increase the risks to democracy — precisely what happened in Chadha

In the Senate, 20 Republicans would need to join Democrats to override a Trump veto, but there aren’t nearly that many GOP members who come from purpleish states and break with Trump relatively often

Republican Representative Kay Granger urged McMahon to inform Congress of the specific projects the Pentagon would defer. He said specific decisions had not yet been made

Ten of the miscarriages occurred in fiscal year 2017, and 18 occurred in fiscal year 2018


São 51.589 assassinatos, ante 59.128 registrados em 2017. Número, no entanto, ainda é alto; taxa é de 24,7 mortes a cada 100 mil


15 militares, beneficiados por la Jurisdicción Especial para la Paz, le solicitaron al presidente Iván Duque que sancione la ley estatutaria de la JEP

Cuba, Venezuela

The result would be power outages, fuel shortages and government spending cuts that would cause the Cuban economy to shrink by as much as 10%


With the 45-day deadline looming — and a 15-day notification period for Congress — a decision on Helms-Burton could come by the end of this week


Hernández has chosen to hammer down on the gangs, rather than address the allegedly corrupt government officials linked to the country’s drug trafficking groups

Mientras el Estado hondureño se ensaña contra las personas que se oponen a un proyecto minero en la comunidad de Guapinol, Tocoa, en el departamento de Colón, varias organismos internacionales ha levantado la voz


Border Patrol agents and Texas state troopers positioned trucks on the river’s banks, lights flashing, in a show of force to discourage them from entering the water

Participará en “la definición de los contenidos, de los sistemas de selección y del entrenamiento en el uso de la fuerza” para la formación de la Guardia Nacional

  • Jorge Carrasco Araizaga, Bola de Mandos (Proceso (Mexico), February 28, 2019).

Si algo han demostrado los 12 años de combate a la delincuencia organizada es que los militares no están dispuestos a quedar bajo las órdenes de los civiles


“To have the international community not echo that call to use force but in fact say very clearly, ‘No, we’re not doing that’ is a big deal,” said a former high-ranking U.S. official

An American resolution at the United Nations, which could be put to a vote on Thursday in the 15-member Security Council, is likely to be vetoed by Russia