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March 13, 2019

Western Hemisphere Regional

China’s development lending to Latin America and the Caribbean has been larger than lending from the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and CAF Development Bank of Latin America combined


Officials have yet to outline a motive for the killing or identify the person or people who ordered it

Investigators said Lessa fired the shots that killed Franco and Gomes on 14 March last year, on the north side of Rio. Queiroz drove the car that ambushed them


Los ganadores fueron una serie de civiles, políticos y empresarios, que en lo fundamental se quedaron con la mayoría de los seis millones de hectáreas despojadas a campesinos y utilizaron los grupos armados ilegales como un mecanismo de competencia política

Que el Legislativo rechace las objeciones, que las acepte o que la ley se archive

La visión que tiene el Gobierno sobre los cultivos ilícitos es sumamente simplista y moralista, pues como han demostrado varios estudios de gobierno anteriores, los cultivos son producto de una compleja combinación de factores

Cuba, Venezuela

Trump is proposing a 40 percent cut to funds that promote democracy and human rights in Venezuela at the same time that he and Vice President Mike Pence make promises to stick by the Venezuelan people


The approval of these reforms would seriously affect victims’ rights to justice, truth, reparation and guarantees of non-repetition. It could also lead to reprisals and attacks against victims, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, plaintiffs, witnesses, experts and others involved in human rights trials

This is not a recipe for reconciliation; it is a path to disaster for Guatemala and the region


La noche del 17 de diciembre de 2017, personas de diferentes barrios y colonias de la ciudad de Choluteca salieron a protestar a inmediaciones del bulevar salida a San Marcos de Colón, donde llegó un contingente integrado por al menos 50 militares disparando a bala viva


De 2012 a 2019, la proporción es de 23 presuntos infractores muertos por cada lesionado, al enfrentarse con la Marina

In many corners of Mexico, ordinary people often see crime bosses as less predatory than state governors and congressmen

This is a line of more than 250 families, over 1,000-people-long, sheltered under blue tarps during hot days and sleeping on a freezing sidewalk overnight. Many have been here for months

The policy began at the San Ysidro port of entry, near Tijuana, but has expanded within the last week to include migrants crossing at additional ports of entry in the San Diego sector and at the Calexico, California, port of entry

Mr. López Obrador is filling Supreme Court vacancies with his supporters, and the political opposition is in complete disarray. The only opposition exists in the markets and the punditocracy

Destacó que la inseguridad ha dejado de ser atendida con el uso de la fuerza y el autoritarismo como estrategia principal


The regime responded to the deepening crisis by ordering the arrest of a prominent Venezuelan journalist, while calling on its violent allies, the paramilitary colectivos, to be on guard

The detention of Mr. Díaz has jolted Venezuelan civil society. Some called it President Nicolás Maduro’s most brazen attempt yet to scapegoat critics for the blackout

The only viable path out of this crisis is a multilateral process that leads to free and fair elections, in which Venezuelans can choose their leaders. This must include a multilateral plan to address the humanitarian emergency on the ground without instigating armed conflict

Are you going in – is this Saigon ’75?

The move to vacate the United States Embassy in Caracas was a significant setback for the Trump administration. American officials had previously vowed to keep diplomats in Venezuela to legitimize Juan Guaidó