Silvia Izquierdo/Associated Press photo at The New York Times. Caption: “The killing of Ms. Franco injected a life-or-death sense of urgency into the rights movements she espoused.”

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March 15, 2019

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The disapproval resolution passed the House last month, so the 59-to-41 Senate vote will send the measure to the president’s desk. Trump intends to use the first veto of his presidency

“I feel completely sandbagged. You’re going to send it to us today after the vote on the emergency declaration?”

An administration official told POLITICO that the existing surge force could not be used for a border security mission because it draws on disaster relief funds

Families held there would be issued notices to appear in immigration court and would then be released into the U.S. interior


“Democracy and liberty only exist when your armed forces want them to,” said Bolsonaro, himself a former army captain

A year after her execution, the call for justice for Ms. Franco — a black, gay, feminist Rio de Janeiro city councilmember who was raised poor — has morphed into a rallying cry in a deeply-polarized nation

The anti-globalist, pro-Trump faction of the Bolsonaro administration, which includes his foreign minister, will clash with the more prudent generals, led by Vice President Hamilton Mourão, and the technocrats, represented by the Economy Minister Paulo Guedes and Justice Minister Sérgio Moro


Por primera vez, magistrados y fiscales de la JEP acudieron a una instalación militar, la histórica base de Tolemaida, a recibir capacitación sobre cómo las Farc usaron minas antipersona y artefactos explosivos improvisados

La imagen del Estado para las comunidades no puede volver a ser una avioneta asperjando glifosato

Los nueve exguerrilleros entrevistados no habían manifestado un miedo tan real de que algunos de sus compañeros prefieran volver a las armas -ni cuando la Fiscalía capturó a Santrich-, especialmente por cuatro de las seis objeciones

During his seven months in office, Mr Duque has tried to strike a balance between the hard line of his mentor, Álvaro Uribe, a former president who opposes the peace accord, and Colombians who want to preserve it. Now he seems to have backed Mr Uribe’s policy

Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights


Cuban legal experts told The Associated Press that they expect the government to send the National Assembly between 60 and 80 new laws over the next two years to replace ones rendered obsolete by the new constitution

Guatemala, Peru

Los procesos de dignificación de las víctimas y reconciliación han sido abordados de manera diferente por los Estados


The U.S. Embassy said via text message that since August, Guatemala’s Interior Ministry “has repeatedly used (the vehicles) in an incorrect way”

Un vocero de la Embajada de EE. UU. en Guatemala confirmó que el Departamento de Defensa ha cesado, por ahora, la transferencia de equipos y la capacitación a las Fuerzas de Tarea debido al uso incorrecto de los jeeps J8


La dependencia no desglosó, como se había solicitado, el municipio o entidad en que tuvieron lugar dichos enfrentamientos, ni en qué año ocurrieron

La Cámara de Diputados y el Senado emitieron la declaratoria de constitucionalidad de la reforma en materia de Guardia Nacional, luego de que fue avalada por los 32 congresos locales

“Nos preocupa que tan sólo a 100 días de su gestión ya han sido asesinados 14 defensores de derechos humanos y periodistas”

The two cases highlight the risks faced by Central American migrants in Mexico, where criminal groups have diversified well beyond drug trafficking and now help smuggle migrants north and sometimes extort or kidnap them

That he has fallen prey to his worst populist impulses bodes ill for his presidency, and for the country he governs


In an exclusive interview with CNN, he recounted how they prepared for the attack, and provided cell phone videos of their drones, explosives, and practice flights in the rural farmlands of Colombia

Russian oil company Rosneft spent a fortune on joint ventures in Venezuela even though it suspected it was losing out on millions of dollars, documents show. It continued investing, sources say, because the Kremlin wanted to support its ally

“I call on the colectivos; the hour of resistance has arrived, active resistance in the community,” Maduro declared in the speech on Monday