Ariana Drehsler/AFP/Getty Images photo at The Guardian (UK). Caption: “Photograph by Ariana Drehsler showing a man looking at the US/Mexico border fence from Nogales, Arizona, on 9 February.”

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March 21, 2019

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The debate about immigrants’ rights, about the treatment of immigrants, about the treatment of asylum seekers, is going to be suppressed or censored

The judge’s refusal was a setback for the administration’s highly touted initiative to make asylum seekers wait in Mexico while their cases wind through U.S. immigration courts

The Trump administration this week will begin implementing its “Migrant Protection Protocols” in El Paso, requiring some migrants to return to neighboring Ciudad Juárez, Mexico


The true path to success (and popularity) would be to put the culture wars aside – and focus on turning the economy around and reducing crime in a sustainable, legal way. But don’t count on it

Brazil, Venezuela

That yesterday Bolsonaro did not unambiguously reiterate Brazil’s official position with regards to military intervention in Venezuela creates concerning levels of uncertainty


“If this is the way forward, we might as well stay put,” said a Brazilian official directly involved in the negotiations, who requested anonymity to speak freely


Colombia’s constitutional court said on Wednesday it cannot rule on whether potential changes to legislation that implements a peace deal with Marxist rebels are constitutional until after they are approved by congress

Since the whole package has already been approved by the constitutional court, his veto could trigger a clash between the executive and judiciary, throwing the whole peace process into the air

No llegó el Estado y las comunidades quedaron a merced del ELN y el Clan del Golfo -o Autodefensas Gaitanistas ó paramilitares como son conocidas en la zona

Colombia, Venezuela

One such speculation is that the administration will try to create a “humanitarian corridor” that would let U.S. troops enter a small area of Venezuela, possibly along the border with Columbia

Costa Rica

Rojas had survived at least one previous assassination attempt. In 2015, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights ordered the government to provide Bribri and Teribe people with protection


No importa si gana la aliada del sistema, Sandra Torres; la opositora Thelma Aldana; o cualquier otro candidato. Lo importante es que puedan participar opositores para que las elecciones tengan oxígeno y sean una competencia real


What at first resembled a comedic plot about a group of ex-soldiers looking for a quick and easy mercenary score was in fact a poorly executed but serious effort by Moïse to consolidate his political power with American muscle


The National Guard could be the beginning of the demilitarization of Mexico’s more than decade-long war on organized crime, or it could escalate it

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Griselda Triana, journalist and the wife of slain journalist Javier Valdez Cárdenas, was targeted with NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware in the days after his killing

The seven cases being heard in a downtown San Diego courtroom are among the first to advance under the Trump administration policy that calls for people seeking asylum in the U.S. to be held in Mexico


El gobierno los “liberará” en un plazo no mayor a 90 días como parte del acuerdo suscrito con la Alianza Cívica, con la OEA y el Vaticano como testigos, para volver a reactivar el diálogo en el INCAE


El teniente Dugarte ofreció declaraciones sobre lo que sucede en las sede del cuerpo de inteligencia en Boleita, donde se han registrado numerosos casos de tortura en los detenidos

Members of the Venezuelan armed forces that abandon President Nicolas Maduro will keep their rank and be reinstated once a new government is in place, the opposition-controlled legislature said