A 10-month-old looks out from his family's tent in a shelter for migrants in Tijuana, Mexico.
Gregory Bull / AP photo at Mother Jones. Caption: “A 10-month-old looks out from his family’s tent in a shelter for migrants in Tijuana, Mexico.”

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April 1, 2019

Western Hemisphere Regional

Mr. McAleenan would like Congress to give him authority to hold these migrants for up to eight weeks. That would allow time to process their claims, which would in many cases be denied


The presidency has given Mr. Bolsonaro a powerful platform to thrust a revisionist version of that era into the mainstream

Instead of public celebrations, Brazil’s armed forces say they will hold internal programs and panels looking at events that led to Brazil’s coup, what happened during the military regime and the importance of the 1985 return to democracy

The generals “handle things with a lot of pragmatism, with an adult posture. They could be seen as either the most adult, or the least childish, in the room”

Decades later, the archives of the dictatorship are made public, and my biographer gets all the material. I ask why I was arrested: an informant accused you, he says

Central America Regional, Mexico

One former U.S. official said there was “chaos” in the State Department and U.S. embassies as officials tried to figure out whether they had to cancel existing contracts or simply not renew them

Central America Regional

Not only will it cut development and humanitarian assistance, but it will also halt joint law enforcement efforts, such as anti-gang units vetted by the United States


If President Ivan Duque gets his way, the pact could unravel, and, with it, Colombia-watchers fear, the country’s best chance to put to rest a half-century of mayhem and infamy

El nuevo ciclo de enfrentamientos entre las AGC y las disidencia de las Farc se estaría dando en la disputa por los corredores de movilidad entre las cuencas de los ríos Esmeralda y Tigre, en Tierralta, y San Jorge en Puerto Libertador

Espías rusos en Colombia y militares y mercenarios de Putin en Venezuela configuran un teatro de operaciones de guerra fría entre los dos países. SEMANA revela detalles desconocidos de ese espionaje en el país

Conocidos exjefes paramilitares, como ‘Juancho Dique’ (Uber Enrique Bánquez), que dirigía el bloque Héroes de Montes de María; ‘Terror’ (Oliverio Isaza), hijo de Ramón Isaza, el exparamilitar más antiguo de Colombia y quien comandó las Autodefensas del Magdalena Medio, y sobre Jesús Ignacio Roldán, alias Monoleche

Las objeciones a la JEP pueden hundirse en el Congreso, la minga indígena arrecia y se anuncian otras movilizaciones, el orden público se complica y el respaldo internacional sigue en favor del Acuerdo de Paz


Administration officials have offered no details about the president’s intentions, and border control officials have received no instructions to prepare for a shutdown

This backup of asylum seekers is the result of several steps taken by the Trump administration to reduce the number of people entering the country to seek refuge

The López Obrador administration has an important opportunity to change course and send the message that attacks against journalists and human rights defenders in the country will not be tolerated

Mexican immigration officials plan to issue humanitarian visas on a “limited basis” starting Monday to some of the roughly 2,500 Central American and Caribbean migrants gathered in the southern state of Chiapas


El régimen a través de su policía, paramilitares y turbas asedió, agredió, apresó e hirió con arma de fuego a manifestantes que se expresaban pacíficamente


Estos son los doce señalados ahora como torturadores del régimen por Tamara Suju

Venezuelans who support the opposition are growing skeptical. “They think that if they tweet hard enough the government will get scared and run away,” said one. “It’s not going to happen”