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April 3, 2019

Western Hemisphere Regional

Countries fear that legal standard of states being ‘unwilling or unable’ to deal with terrorism could be used in Latin America

On Wednesday, he took in 825 migrants, his busiest day ever


No dia em que visitaram em Israel o Museu do Holocausto, o presidente Jair Bolsonaro e seu chanceler, Ernesto Araújo, insistiram em declarar em entrevistas nesta terça-feira que o nazismo foi um movimento de esquerda

Central America Regional

Rather than turn a blind eye to creeping authoritarianism, it should pressure governments to become more democratic and less beholden to corrupt elites and criminal networks

The President’s move, which will affect everything from development aid and humanitarian assistance to joint law-enforcement operations and anti-gang initiatives, will only make the crisis at the border worse

If the money is ultimately withheld, it would affect a wide range of programs designed to improve citizen security, promote economic development and encourage accountable government

That insistence on immediate results — combined with an apparent lack of attention to the differences among countries and between types of aid — is characteristic of Trump’s approach

Colombia, Venezuela

He was responding to a March 28 letter from the upper house of Russia’s parliament that said the “illegitimate use of military force against Venezuela by other states that support the opposition will be interpreted … as an act of aggression against a sovereign state”


Es un error pensar que es una buena estrategia internacional adherirnos acríticamente a la política antidrogas en su versión más prohibicionista

El condenado se negó a colaborar con la justicia para esclarecer los autores intelectuales del crimen

Varios pueblos indígenas denunciaron ataques por parte de la fuerza pública hacia una comunidad de Cajibío, en el que dos personas resultaron heridas y una de ellas murió

El Salvador

The claim baffled development officials and Salvadorans, who saw the country’s cooperation with the United States on security, civil society and economic development as a success story


The campaign period is extra short. The top presidential contenders are women. They all face court proceedings that could take them out of the running


As more migrant families began to arrive in Agua Prieta, cartel members began to extort them in attempts to make more money

Mexico actually works closely with the U.S. government on irregular migration. Mexico deports thousands of immigrants each month, most from Central America. That’s continued under a new leftist president

López Obrador’s demure response to Trump might surprise some who followed Mexico’s presidential election last year

“The Secretary directed CBP to return hundreds of additional migrants per day above current rates to Mexico,” DHS said in a statement


It’s time to start paying attention to Nicaragua again. And Venezuela shows us exactly why


Los transeúntes formaron un avalancha humana que tumbó las vallas y burló los contenedores instalados por el gobierno chavista

A defiant Guaidó spoke publicly moments after the vote, saying he’s undeterred, while knowing he runs the risk of being “kidnapped” by the Maduro government