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April 4, 2019

Western Hemisphere Regional

McAleenan announced that CBP officers currently at the ports of entry would be reassigned to help with processing migrant families. The decision has led to longer wait times and concerns about security

Anti-immigration sentiment is driving demand for harsh policies that may not only fail to reduce arrivals, but to also make the problem look even more uncontrolled and overwhelming


Some 450 Brazilian and foreign companies, ranging from makers of machine guns and rocket propelled grenade launchers to “target detection” technology and surveillance drones, are on display at the four-day LAAD defense and security expo

Central America Regional

By willfully concealing the names of corrupt government officials in Central America, in defiance of Congress’ intent, the Trump administration is engaging in a cover-up

Here are some examples of programs financed by American dollars in the three countries targeted by President Trump


En la breve comunicación se señaló, además, que la estrategia está enfocada en “aumentar la erradicación y las operaciones contra las redes de tráfico”.

The rearrangement of the multiple FARC dissident units into one single structure could mean a return to combat with similar military power as the group had before it demobilized

La fuerte estrategia del embajador para incidir en las objeciones, especialmente en la que tiene que ver con la extradición

El próximo lunes será citado el debate en la plenaria, sin embargo, desde ya se avizora una estruendosa derrota del Gobierno

Many of the protesters belong to sectors of the population most affected by this rising violence

El movimiento social que hoy cumple 24 días, ya cuenta con alrededor de 25.000 personas provenientes de varios departamentos como Cauca, Antioquia, Chocó, Tolima, Nariño, Huila, Valle, Amazonía, entre otros


Según Juan Francisco Sandoval, fiscal contra la impunidad que contribuyó a llevar a prisión a tres expresidentes acusados de corrupción, el gobierno de Jimmy Morales ha sido el peor para combatir estos abusos

Even approaches that have accounted for the root causes of regional mass migration have underestimated the impact of climate change


The Department of Homeland Security on Monday reallocated up to 750 officers, citing a “growing security and humanitarian crisis at the border,” and said that the reassignments might rise to more than 2,000 personnel

The difference is that Nixon had clear and potentially achievable objectives in mind with his game of diplomatic chicken. Trump does not

The governor indicated the president had not made a final decision regarding a border closure, despite multiple threats to do so over the last week

Central America Regional, Mexico

Trump says Mexico began to detain thousands of Central American migrants at its southern border only this week. Let’s not beat around the bush here — that’s totally false. They’ve been doing it for decades


Taking advantage of the mercenary nature of chavismo can help, by eventually offering rewards for the surrender and delivery of Maduro and his top lieutenants

Across Petare’s vertiginous back alleys such anger is inescapable – even if some still lionise Chávez as a champion of the poor

The legislation would provide $200 million in aid for Venezuela and $200 million for neighboring countries to absorb refugees