Reuters photo at El Tiempo (Colombia). Caption: “Las protestas en Caracas también tuvieron réplica en otras ciudades de Venezuela.”

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April 30, 2019

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Benvie and armed men in camouflage then remain on the scene with Border Patrol agents as they begin to process the migrants

At the end of March, the arrangement suddenly changed when the Border Patrol apparently began transferring fewer migrant families to ICE custody and instead began releasing large numbers of migrant families in Yuma

In December 2018, Cruz, Lee and seven other anti-abortion Senators asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to cut off all US funding of the Commission, because of its support for women’s reproductive rights

Trump in recent weeks has increasingly mocked asylum seekers as fraudsters trying to game the system by making up stories about their hardships and fears of return to their native lands


The move is an attempt to address one of the most confounding aspects of the surge of Central American migrants — families seeking safe passage using long-standing protections

A esta hora no se sabe a ciencia cierta qué pasará con esa votación, clave para definir las reglas de Juego con las que arranca en firme la JEP y habrá que esperar hasta el miércoles qué sucede


Al carecer de una ley propia, de requisitos definidos de reclutamiento y, por ende, de elementos propios formados y capacitados, su despliegue solo puede llevarse a cabo con militares transferidos

El 25 de julio del año pasado se entregó la solicitud de la segunda alerta para los municipios referidos, donde el delito de desaparición forzada se ha disparado en años recientes y las autoridades no han enfrentado el problema

Migration from Mexico has dropped 90 percent over the past 20 years; this year, for the first time ever, Guatemala and Honduras are on pace to surpass it

Yards from their intended destination, after long and dangerous journeys to the border, they find themselves stuck in a de facto system not officially recognized by either the United States or Mexico

The story listed López Obrador’s address. It was in the public domain anyway but the president publicly complained and an onslaught of threats and harassment followed against Reforma’s editor


Colectivos run entire apartment blocks and neighborhoods as criminal empires

The appearance of Mr. Guaidó and Mr. López, with the apparent support of some national guards officers, prompted immediate rumors in Caracas that the armed forces could be shifting loyalties

While the highest ranks of the military dig into their support for Mr. Maduro’s government, many rank-and-file soldiers appear willing to defy their commanders and come to the aid of the opposition

Bolton named three senior officials who he said had been negotiating with the opposition and accepted that the president had to be replaced

Erik Prince – the founder of the controversial private security firm Blackwater and a prominent supporter of U.S. President Donald Trump – has been pushing a plan to deploy a private army to help topple Venezuela’s socialist president, Nicolas Maduro

Not everyone in public office here has been so openly itchy for injecting U.S. troops into the troubled nation’s constitutional crisis