John Gibbins photo at the San Diego Union-Tribune. Caption: “A Mexican immigration official asks asylum-seeking Cameroonians and Eritreans to move away from the entrance to an area near the port of entry where they gather people before they are transported to U.S. border officials to ask for asylum. The group wouldn’t disperse and kept the area near El Chaparral Plaza closed for several hours until its representatives could get a meeting with Mexican officials to discuss inequities and irregularities in the processing of their claims including bribery and unfair processing of the waiting list.”

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July 10, 2019

Western Hemisphere Regional

Last year, a mere 13 per cent of them expressed confidence in their national political parties, compared with 44 per cent who supported the armed forces

Homeland Security said the slowdown in migrants entering the country should help the department get a better handle on “capacity challenges” it has experienced in recent months

The reports from the Yuma CBP sector describe similar unsanitary and crowded conditions but go further by alleging abuse and other misconduct by CBP officers


His administration is challenging a 2015 court ruling that ended 25 years of U.S.-led flights; a decision is expected as early as this month

“Para este año, para inversión nosotros asignado $90.000 billones, para el 2020 nos anuncian $67.000 mil millones. Lo que nos implica una reducción de aproximadamente el 30%”

El hasta ahora jefe del Comando de Apoyo Integral y Desarrollo fue llamado a calificar servicios. Varios testimonios lo involucran en una especie de cartel para la venta de salvoconductos de armas, entre otras conductas irregulares

En el primer semestre de 2019 tanto los combates de la Fuerza Pública, como los enfrentamientos entre grupos armados ilegales tuvieron incrementos. El actor armado más activo fue el ELN, seguido por las disidencias de las FARC

El Salvador

The information is being provided through a new “fusion” intelligence-gathering center in El Salvador that is funded by the State Department and works in tandem with the Department of Homeland Security


In Last Chance for Justice, the organization exposes the serious setbacks and imminent risks to human rights in Guatemala as a result of measures taken by the Jimmy Morales administration, the Public Prosecutor’s Office led by Consuelo Porras, the judiciary, and the national Congress


The number of people taken into custody along the U.S. southern border fell 28 percent in June, a drop that U.S. authorities say reflects the early impact of Mexico’s crackdown on Central American migration

The 10 migrants crossed the border to seek U.S. asylum Monday and will now have to wait in Mexico as their applications are processed

An estimated 9,150 people are now waiting in the Mexican border city to request asylum in the United States

The López Obrador administration has adopted an enforcement-first approach to migration, just as previous Mexican administrations have done when faced with pressure from Washington


Costa Rica has become a precarious refuge for thousands of Nicaraguan exiles. In the streets of San José, they continue to feel President Ortega’s reach


Lowenthal and Smilde offer insights about the ways that transitions have worked in the past, with reference to specific aspects of the Venezuelan case

Mientras el ala radical de la oposición le demanda mayor dureza con el chavismo, el presidente de la Asamblea Nacional tampoco se atreve a eludir el intento de una negociación