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April 27, 2017


Brazilian Senators, two dozen of whom are being investigated for corruption, pushed through a bill on Wednesday that many prosecutors and judges say curbs their ability to carry out probes, mainly those targeting the politicians themselves

Um estudo da Polícia Militar revela que, em cinco anos, os confrontos em áreas com Unidades de Polícia Pacificadora (UPPs), como o Complexo do Alemão, aumentaram 13.746%


La denominada Caravana de la muerte, fue la comitiva militar que recorrió el país tras el golpe de Estado de septiembre de 1973


Análisis y recomendaciones sobre la forma en la cual se está avanzado en la implementación del acuerdo de paz sobre “solución al problema de las drogas ilícitas” y, en particular, sobre el plan de sustitución de cultivos

En menos de dos meses han sido asesinados un guerrillero indultado, un miliciano y cinco familiares de guerrilleros de las Farc que se han acogido al proceso de Paz

Cuba, Venezuela

A near-constant refrain is that Cubans can tolerate deep deprivation, but would not stand for a repeat of the Special Period


The crime has become such a central part of life in this region of Puebla that it has been celebrated in song, much as drug traffickers and their exploits have been lionized in narcocorridos

The White House announcement came hours after administration officials said Trump was considering a draft executive order to withdraw the U.S. from the deal

Under other circumstances, the United States could be a force for the rule of law, human rights and civilian control over the military in Mexico

Central America Regional, Mexico

“It’s going to break the bank in terms of paying for the jail and prison beds that these people are going to occupy if they are prosecuted”


In order to withdraw, the country would have to wait two years and pay a debt of $8.7 million under O.A.S. rules

The move comes after OAS member states voted Wednesday to convene an emergency meeting of their top diplomats to discuss the worsening humanitarian crisis and deadly political violence

Withdrawing from the OAS is a two-year process, but Rodriguez said Venezuela would immediately stop participating