May 2, 2017


As Brazil’s old guard turns on itself, radicals and outsiders who once operated on the political fringe are taking center stage


El Gobierno intensificará a partir de esta semana el remate del primer tiempo del ‘fast track’ para la implementación normativa de los acuerdos de La Habana

Según ese estudio, entre 1975 y el 2015, los grupos paramilitares y los GAPD asesinaron en el país a 21.044 personas, de las cuales el 12 por ciento (2.518) fueron muertas justo después del proceso de desmovilización


A protester briefly disrupted the start of Cuba’s largest annual political event on Monday, sprinting in front of May Day marchers and brandishing a U.S. flag before he was dragged away


La manta que apareció en contra de AMLO en Acolman es más que una broma política de mal gusto, ojalá fuera sólo la idea de un idiota

Advocates on both sides of the immigration debate predicted that Democrats’ victory on the latest spending bill will embolden them to demand more in future negotiations


“I don’t want a civil war,” Maduro told a May Day rally of supporters in downtown Caracas while elsewhere across the city security forces fired tear gas at youths hurling stones and petrol bombs

The MUD must figure out the best way to remove Maduro from power. The military and its weapons are on Maduro’s side, so violence is not an option

Mr. Maduro said he would call together what he described as a “citizens’ constitutional assembly of the people, the communities, the peasants” to rewrite the governing charter