Alberto Pradilla photo at Animal Político (Mexico).

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January 24, 2020

Western Hemisphere Regional

With an average score of 43 for the fourth consecutive year on the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), the Americas region fails to make significant progress in the fight against corruption

Latin America is the second most unequal region in the world. The failure to address these problems — and to fulfill promises made — has caused governments to lose legitimacy in the eyes of their people


A pesar de que organizaciones campesinas han documentado el asesinato de 59 líderes cocaleros, el funcionario sostiene que no tienen registrado ningún caso

Los defensores de derechos humanos anunciaron que apelarán para que la Corte Suprema les dé soluciones de fondo

Can the mayoral election of an ex-guerrilla combatant offer an example of how to move ahead with peace, when Colombia’s decades of conflict are still so unresolved?

Guatemala, Mexico

Many cried as immigration officials and National Guard troops dragged them towards buses, which officials said were used to take the migrants and asylum seekers to an immigration detention centre

Mexico has cracked down on the large caravans seen previously following intense pressure from Washington last year

Los agentes y elementos antimotines rodearon a los migrantes que transitaban por una carretera en Chiapas


Brolo said his government was in the process of determining if other nationalities will be included in the U.S. asylum deal


Hondurans live in a narco-state whose leadership is supported by the United States and which suffers from widespread corruption, gender violence, gang control, land-grabs, and the effects of climate change


Investigators have not suggested any theories about what might have happened to him, but many in Rosario suspect that loggers kidnapped him

Un Juez libró orden de aprehensión contra Dámaso López Serrano, el Minilic, como presunto autor intelectual del asesinato del periodista Javier Valdez Cárdenas

Images published by local journalists of the initiation ceremony — in which uniformed, rifle-wielding boys performed military-style maneuvers — drew outrage across Mexico


In a country where voting is compulsory, the most popular option by far is spoiling the ballot — defacing it, or leaving it blank — the preference of roughly 40 percent of votersÓ