Photo from Milenio (Mexico). Caption: “Avioneta siniestrada en 2015 en Sinaloa.”

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February 6, 2020


El presidente lo conversó con organismos de derechos humanos en ese país. Charló sobre la posibilidad de utilizar de base la ley francesa, que pena a los que niegan el Holocausto


Jair Bolsonaro’s ‘dangerous’ appointment of Ricardo Lopes Dias threatens remote indigenous people, UN special rapporteur says

Brazil, Mexico, U.S.-Mexico Border

Local officials on Wednesday estimated that between 200 and 400 Brazilians were waiting here for a resolution to asylum claims filed in the United States


Over the past three years, 181 demobilized FARC guerrillas have been killed in suspected reprisals or other score-settling attacks

Desde que Acevedo asumió la dirección del Centro, la entidad ha venido perdiendo legitimidad social y académica

The fact that one of Colombia’s top prosecutors could be gunned down in broad daylight raises real concerns about the safety of officials targeting organized crime, and what it means for the country’s judicial system

Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela

Trump could grant them work permits and temporary protections against deportation at any time. He chooses not to

El Salvador

In researching this report, we identified or investigated 138 cases of Salvadorans killed since 2013 after deportation from the US


Those deported under the deal include 144 children, 136 women and 98 men, according to the Guatemalan government

Honduras, Mexico

Women and children cried as immigration officials forcibly pushed the migrants onto buses destined for the Siglo 21 immigrant detention facility in Tapachula


Al menos mil 500 se ubican en municipios dominados por el cártel del ‘Chapo’

U.S.-Mexico Border

As soon as the barrier is in place, an array of forces, natural and man-made, will begin working to wear it down. Future administrations, and U.S. taxpayers, will be on the hook


In and around Caracas on Wednesday, Mr. Guaidó’s appearances in Washington were met with mixed reviews

President Donald Trump hosted Juan Guaidó at the White House for the first time on Wednesday, offering Venezuela’s interim leader the rare honor of a South Lawn welcome and an Oval Office meeting

Despite Mr. Trump’s show of support, at no time in the past year has Mr. Guaidó been in a worse position to unify the opposition around the type of political actions that have led to democratic transitions