Antonio Scorza / Agência O Globo photo. Caption: “ Policiais do Bope durante operação no Complexo do Alemão.”

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May 5, 2017


Carlotto, perhaps Argentina’s most-respected human rights activist, called the supreme court’s decision “abominable”


With 984 service members spread over nearly 1,920 kilometers of Brazil’s border with Venezuela and Guyana, Operation Curaretinga keeps track of a series of actions taken by the Amazon Military Command

Pelo menos cinco pessoas morreram durante a operação do Batalhão de Operações Especiais (Bope) no Complexo do Alemão, na Zona Norte do Rio, que começou no início da manhã desta quinta-feira


the recent kidnapping indicates that at least some breakaway FARC factions, the 1st Front chief among them, are intent on maintaining the guerrillas’ Marxist ideology and armed struggle

Rodrigo Pardo, the president’s top aide for post-conflict planning, said the captors are a unit of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia who refused to lay down their weapons

El primer encuentro del Presidente Santos con su homólogo estadounidense, que tomó posesión el pasado 20 de enero, será el próximo día 18

Cuba, Venezuela

Russia has begun shipping large quantities of oil to Cuba for the first time this century, sources said, as supplies to the island from crisis-wracked Venezuela have dwindled

El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras

The Atlantic Council’s Northern Triangle Security and Economic Opportunity Task Force has studied the issue closely and is presenting this blueprint for Congress


Defense Secretary Salvador Cienfuegos struck a more cautious tone, warning that rising violence in Sinaloa state “could be sustained by the power struggle” to come

Some townspeople in Puebla and other states have largely based their local economy on fuel stolen from the pipelines, sometimes collecting gasoline and diesel in buckets when a tap leaks and gets out of control

Cada día más y más el carácter del enfrentamiento al crimen se asemeja a una guerra como la de Somalia

More than 140 Customs and Border Protection agents were arrested or convicted of corruption in recent years—and President Trump’s promise to hire 5,500 new agents could make the problem worse

More than 200 other migrants just like him died, their names unknown. Their bodies are part of a border-crossers’ morgue at a university lab

El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico

Kelly aims to retool the Obama-era alliance without a large increase in American funding by pressing Mexico to shoulder more responsibility for governance and security in Central America


Lopez’s wife Lilian Tintori, who says she has not been allowed to see him in over a month, rejected the video as “false” and spent the night outside the jail

His future will be decided by the armed forces, not directly by the people. If they withdraw support from his beleaguered regime, change will come soon

“We condemn the excessive use of force by Venezuelan authorities against civilians who are protesting government measures that affect democratic stability and cause the loss of human life,” the countries said