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March 25, 2020

Western Hemisphere Regional

Amnesty International believes that authorities must show leadership by prioritizing human rights and by refraining from abusing their power in the middle of this emergency. Here is a preliminary list of “Do’s” and “Don’ts”


The struggle to hold the military to account for crimes against humanity are a part of Argentinian identity. A group of grandmothers leads the story of that struggle


Santiago says that he does whatever he can to prevent infection, but his family is exposed to vectors every day, and because they don’t have the necessary access to water, he is very afraid

The immediate trigger for the so-called panelaço protests has been Bolsonaro’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, which he has repeatedly dismissed as hysteria, fantasy and, a media “trick”

Guerra ao coronavírus é ‘a missão mais importante de nossa geração’, diz Pujol; fala foi às redes minutos antes da fala de Bolsonaro


Conservationists and scientists are concerned that Macarena’s exceptional biodiversity may fall victim to economic interests

Santos había renunciado a su puesto el pasado 17 de enero

A joint team of U.S. service members providing medical aid and training in the remote La Guajira region of Colombia found their options to leave the country dwindle in mid-March

El Salvador

El presidente de El Salvador ha tenido una estrategia que parece eficaz, aunque criticada, ante la pandemia

El Salvador, Honduras

Although gangs operate in rural areas, the violence is worst in marginalized, urban areas that have been poorly planned


Migration authorities will resume processing applications on April 20, Mexico’s refugee agency COMAR said

Despite criticism that he is responding to the crisis too slowly, the president has targeted his response to the millions of Mexicans who live day-by-day, many in informal or precarious working conditions

López Obrador, who most know as Amlo, has responded to the coronavirus crisis with nonchalance – never missing an opportunity to contradict the advice of public health officials or paint the pandemic as a plot

Medical staff held strikes and walkouts across the country this week, warning that a lack of resources increases the risk

U.S.-Mexico Border

US troops are still at the southern border, despite waning migration and COVID-19 restrictions

These findings indicate no systematic relationship between border wall construction and crime rates

The children who have been separated include newborns who’ve been taken from their migrant mothers shortly after being born in U.S. hospitals

The “vast majority” — 70 to 80% — of migrants apprehended by US Border Patrol are being “immediately returned” to Mexico, said the DHS official

Those requesting protection at official ports of entry (including those who, due to policies like “metering,” have been waiting for months) will be turned away


“I want to see Maduro go, I think that Maduro is a dictator. But that doesn’t mean that the only solution is to starve Venezuelans to death”“