Gregory Bull photo at Associated Press. Caption: “In this Feb. 27, 2020, file photo, a worker passes a partially-demolished border wall prototype during demolition at the border between Tijuana, Mexico, and San Diego. Major construction projects moving forward along the U.S. borders with Canada and Mexico amid the coronavirus pandemic are raising fears workers could spread the sickness within nearby communities.”

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April 2, 2020

Western Hemisphere Regional

Some estimates suggest that corruption consumes between 10% and 25% of the value of public contracts under normal circumstances. This percentage is likely much higher in emergency situations

Poor conditions and the world’s fastest growing incarceration rate create a toxic petri dish


The packed living conditions, poor sanitation, lack of healthcare and flouting of lockdown measures make Brazil’s slums – home to around 11 million people or 6% of the population – particularly vulnerable to the virus

With a focus on the economy, the Brazilian leader faces growing resistance as the deadly disease takes a worsening toll

The two presidents discussed medical and logistical cooperation on a telephone call but steered clear of confinement and quarantine policies


The committee suspended meetings to conduct risk assessments and respond to requests for protective measures on March 19, and announced the decision on March 31

“Ojalá no llegara por acá ese virus porque, de verdad, sería un exterminio para nuestra etnia”

El nivel de muertes por violencia política registrado en marzo se mantuvo frente al registrado en el mes de febrero. Esta tendencia se presentó luego de dos meses consecutivos en los que se registró un aumento

En el Bajo Putumayo, los campesinos están en medio de la disputa entre la disidencia del frente primero de las Farc y la estructura paramilitar La Mafia


Guayaquil, a steamy coastal city of 2.3 million people, has been hit harder by the coronavirus than almost any other metropolitan area in the Americas

El Salvador

DPLF outlines some of the major concerns about CICIES, its formation, and its current status, all of which may impede its ability to play such a role

Parece que ni Nayib Bukele ni su equipo conocían el país; parece que se enteraron de cómo es la realidad diaria en El Salvador solo hasta que fracasó el mecanismo que implementaron para la entrega de los fondos


Andrés Ramírez, the head of Mexico’s asylum agency, says he intends to keep processing asylum requests ‘until the end’

The institute said the disturbance largely involved Honduran men, but that one Guatemalan man, 42, died of smoke inhalation

Ni la Guardia Nacional ni la contingencia sanitaria frenan la violencia. La cifra preliminar es de 2 mil 585 personas asesinadas. Casi la mitad de los homicidios se concentran en cinco estados

U.S.-Mexico Border

Previously, border agents would have separated many of these children from family members if they weren’t parents or guardians

Military intelligence domestic collection, even in support of natural disasters, is so controversial that the National Guard doesn’t even call it “intelligence,” using the term “Incident Awareness and Assessment” (IAA) instead

That’s a fear in tiny Columbus, New Mexico, where residents worry about the influx of border wall workers who often gather outside the town’s few restaurants while the rest of the community has been ordered to stay at home

The Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program, known as “Remain in Mexico,” is driving asylum seekers to stay in unhygienic camps and shelters in Mexican border cities where they are at heightened risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus


While the RCGS RESOLUTE sustained minor damages, not affecting vessel’s seaworthiness, it occurs that the navy vessel suffered severe damages while making contact with the ice-strengthened bulbous bow of the ice-class expedition cruise vessel RCGS RESOLUTE

The deployment is one of the largest U.S. military operations in the region since the 1989 invasion of Panama

Venezuela, Western Hemisphere Regional

Today, at the President’s direction, the Department of Defense, in close cooperation with our interagency partners, began enhanced counter-narcotics operations in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea