Moises Castillo/Reuters photo at Al Jazeera. Caption: “Indigenous women wearing masks to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus stand near the National Palace in Guatemala City”

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April 17, 2020

Western Hemisphere Regional

In a region that’s still overcoming a legacy of dictatorships, the pandemic could once again make it normal to have soldiers indefinitely patrolling the streets

“The White House wants ORR [the Office of Refugee Resettlement] to be an immigration enforcement office”


“I know … life is priceless. But the economy and jobs must return to normal,” Bolsonaro said

Sao Paulo has reported 11,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and almost 800 deaths, the highest in the country. As governor, Doria has become one of the nation’s foremost advocates of strong restrictions on daily life


  • Ariel Ávila, Sos (Semana (Colombia), April 17, 2020).

En las últimas horas se han producido tres hechos de violencia, que demuestran que varias regiones de Colombia se están desangrando

Colombia, Venezuela

With at least 1.8 million Venezuelans in Colombia and a lengthy shared border, the two countries should re-establish official cooperation during the pandemic

El Salvador

«Así como no acataría una resolución que me ordene matar salvadoreños, tampoco puedo acatar una resolución que me ordena dejarlos morir», publicó en Twitter


A study by the Guatemalan Health Ministry in 2017 found that the Guatemalan government was spending less per capita on health services in largely Indigenous departments than departments with a majority of non-Indigenous communities

Cuarenta y cuatro migrantes que arribaron a Guatemala el lunes tras ser deportados de Estados Unidos dieron positivo el jueves a COVID-19, dijo a The Associated Press un oficial de gobierno

Haiti, Mexico, U.S.-Mexico Border

Haitian applications for asylum or refugee status in Mexico surged from just 76 in 2018 to 5,548 in 2019


The Frente Unido de Policías Comunitarias de Guerrero is a coalition of militias which claim to have taken up arms against drug trafficking gangs, according to its Facebook page

Mexico, U.S.-Mexico Border

Narcotics investigators have noted that street-level drug dealers are trying to stretch their supplies and there’s been a slight increase in the prices of illegal drugs at the wholesale and retail levels

U.S. immigration officials have expelled at least 299 minors traveling alone or without legal guardians, according to CBP. Reuters put the number at 377 children, and reported that around 120 of them were sent on planes

U.S.-Mexico Border

In the past 12 months, the administration opened 41 cases in federal court to seize land to build a wall along the southern border of Texas. Nearly half of those cases – 16, or 39 percent – were filed in the past two months

Since the start of March, the federal government has filed 16 new cases — encompassing more than 1,000 acres of land — even as Trump was announcing social distancing guidelines


llegal mining raises three fundamental issues for policymakers: (1) the implications of further instability in an already failed state, (2) the impact on sanctions policies, and (3) the challenge of getting these territories back from armed groups once there is a transition