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May 25, 2017


The use of the armed forces in Brazil touches a nerve among critics of the military dictatorship that ruled the country from 1964 to 1985

The speaker of the lower Chamber of Deputies would be interim president for up to 30 days until Congress votes on who would finish Temer’s term, which runs through 2018. But there’s a hitch: Officials facing criminal charges are ineligible

Desde criação da lei em 1999, os militares só foram convocados para atuar em manifestações no leilão do Campo de Libra, em outubro de 2013


Thousands of demobilised Farc guerrillas are set to descend on Cali. But with drug gangs offering high salaries, is this already violent city on the brink of chaos?


USAID programs in Cuba, which have been highly controversial in recent years, aren’t funded under the Trump administration’s proposed State Department budget


El coronel (activo) Edgar Rubio Castañeda ha escrito un libro titulado Desde el cuartel y se ha atrevido a decir lo que para muchas personas ya es sabido


Americans accompanying partner forces on missions in developing countries, ostensibly as trainers and advisers, sometimes drift into directly running dangerous operations with little oversight

THE DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION repeatedly lied to Congress about fatal shooting incidents in Honduras, including the killing of four civilians during a DEA-led operation, according to a devastating 424-page report

The report says the DEA failed to properly investigate the incident, frustrated attempts to find the truth and stuck to an inaccurate version of events


Autoridades federales indicaron que ninguno de los elementos de la Sedena está por ahora detenido ni suspendido de sus funciones

Members of the next generation, known as “narcojuniors,” have shown themselves more impulsive and violent. They also seek a higher profile and apparently headlines as well

Desde los primeros días de este año, la Dirección General de Comunicación Social de la Sedena dejó de enviar comunicados e invitaciones para eventos públicos organizados por la Sedena a La Jornada y al reportero que cubre la fuente informativa

Even though I have good reason to fear for my life, U.S. officials refused to let me stay. And now I’m in danger again


Syria and Venezuela plotted in recent years to evade international sanctions on Syria through a secret deal to transport its crude oil through Russia to the Caribbean

Organizaciones no gubernamentales defensoras de los derechos humanos (Provea y Cofavic) han manifestado su preocupación por el sometimiento de ciudadanos civiles a la jurisdicción militar