John Vizcaíno / Reuters photo at El Tiempo (Colombia)> Caption: “En las zonas veredales, los guerrilleros han hecho los registros de sus armas, pero no las han entregado en su totalidad a la ONU.”

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May 31, 2017


EL TIEMPO explica en esta y en la siguiente página los elementos claves de los decretos con fuerza de ley que expidió el Presidente para cumplir los acuerdos de paz, y el nuevo cronograma del desarme

If war was waged with military precision, everything from rain to poor roads seems to be derailing carefully laid plans for peace


When will the Armed Forces stop supporting the National Civil Police?


A kilogram of opium gum can earn the impoverished farmers about $800 from the drug traffickers who purchase it. After the gum is processed, a kilogram can sell for about $50,000 on the streets of Chicago

The complex business of crossing the U.S.-Mexico border without papers is changing profoundly. Here are the stories of human smugglers in Mexico and would-be immigrants looking to illegally cross

“Yes, I do have information from the grassroots about the bosses, but my work has been more about people who have had to suffer the narco”


In my view it is entirely legitimate for Almagro to have invoked the Democratic Charter with respect to Venezuela. However, I felt he did it about a year too soon