Omar Lucas photo at IDL Reporteros (Peru). Caption: “Miércoles 11 de noviembre. Ciudadanos tomaron la Plaza Bolognesi durante la tercera jornada de movilizaciones.”

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November 13, 2020

Western Hemisphere Regional

The rise of the proxy president is partly a result of term limits and partly a consequence of the commodity boom of the 2000s, which helped leaders fortunate enough to be in office at the time to become popular and politically strong

The trip is tentatively scheduled for the week of Dec. 7, and it could include stops in El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador


El funcionario reiteró que los militares y policías que tratan de incidir sobre las políticas de defensa y seguridad buscan “conspirar, desestabilizar y desgastar” a la actual conducción castrense y al Gobierno


Biden plans to label countries as “climate outlaws” for failing to address climate change. Brazil might be at the top of his list

Central America Regional

Forecasters believe a weather front forming in the Caribbean has a 90% chance of becoming a cyclone, making it the 30th named Atlantic storm of 2020


Adriana Villegas habla sobre la citación bajo juramento que enfrentará por orden el Batallón Ayacucho del Ejército, tras denunciar los cantos misóginos de la institución

El diario El Espectador reveló pruebas según las cuales se infiere que tras la investigación judicial hubo un “intento de torpedear el proceso de paz durante la Fiscalía de Néstor Humberto Martínez”

El grupo más grande que siguió ese mismo camino lo integran 36.376 excombatientes de las Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia (Auc), en el gobierno de Álvaro Uribe; y 13.394 de las Farc-Ep

A la empresaria y lideresa la mató el Clan del Golfo de tres tiros, según la Fiscalía. Estaba montando un hotel con su esposo y, al parecer, se enfrentó a este grupo armado con irreverencia

Ambos son primos lejanos de Ana Catalina Noguera, quien ayer renunció al cargo de directora del grupo contra las finanzas criminales de la Fiscalía

Ecuador, Western Hemisphere Regional

UNITAS LXI, the world’s longest running multinational maritime exercise concluded with a closing ceremony in Manta, Ecuador, Nov. 11

El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico

To fight organised crime more effectively, governments should combine policing with programs to aid the vulnerable and create attractive alternatives to illegal economic activity


El capitán José Martínez Crespo fue detenido por los delitos de delincuencia organizada y desaparición forzada

Mexico’s asylum system is generous on paper, but in practice it faces several challenges that undermine its effectiveness

Under the reforms, children would also have their legal status provisionally recognized to avoid the risk of immediate deportation before having the opportunity to explore possibilities of seeking protective status

When El Marro was arrested at the beginning of August, the violence in the central state of Guanajuato was at a peak and the CSRL was largely blamed for the surge in killings

The high-profile arrests of federal cabinet officials have obscured a crisis of governance at the local level, where mayors and police chiefs have formed alliances with cartels

As long as AMLO stopped migrants from coming to the U.S. southern border (which he has by and large done), the White House hasn’t bothered to check in on what else is happening in Mexico. This neglect has been a gift


People marched in the center of Lima and in other cities Thursday evening in what analysts said were the country’s biggest demonstrations for two decades

Manuel Merino, who was Congress’s speaker until he took over as president on November 10th, will probably hold on to the office until his term expires next July. But that does not mean Peru will enjoy stability

En los últimos tres años, hubo cuatro procesos de vacancia presidencial, se disolvió un congreso y Merino resulta el tercer mandatario

Fue una mala decisión, según parece. Causada en parte por la tensión bajo la que Vizcarra vivió los últimos meses

  • Gustavo Gorriti, ¿Como Sucedio? (IDL Reporteros (Peru), November 13, 2020).

La victoria de los derrocadores resultó más táctica que estratégica y quizá más pírrica que permanente

U.S.-Mexico Border

Untangling the moves will be even more difficult given that so many of them overlap, forcing the Biden administration to carefully peel them back one by one without overwhelming the immigration system or encouraging a new wave

The monthly figure is expected to be in the thousands based on federal statistics from recent years that show the average 30,000 to 60,000 people arrested each month make up about 75% of the total

The plans are ambitious. And this bodes well, because it suggests at least the possibility that Biden won’t be trapped in an old, defensive political mind-set reminiscent of 1990s centrist Democrats

The three men who identified themselves as smugglers from different transnational networks told Reuters they save about $1,000 or more each time U.S. Border Patrol expels one of their Central American clients at the Mexican border rather than returning them back by plane

The detentions, which include both unaccompanied children and children with their families, peaked last year at over 300,000, with 40 percent held longer than the 72-hour limit


A Trump video targeting Florida’s growing Venezuelan American population falsely claimed that Venezuela’s socialist regime wanted Biden to win. But President Nicolás Maduro has said that he opposed both