Nick Oza photo at The Arizona Republic. Caption: “Hondurans and Central Americans take a freight train, known by migrants as La Bestia, the beast, to come to the border town of Mexico to cross US-Mexico border.”

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June 13, 2017


Disturbed by growing denialism, women whose fathers committed heinous abuses urge other perpetrators to break their ‘pact of silence’ over their crimes


Las partes mantienen su desconfianza y no se ha avanzado en los puntos más importantes. Pero hay caminos para salir del atolladero


Turning its back on Cuba now would hamper Washington’s attempts to apply pressure on Caracas, diplomats said

65% of American voters support maintaining Obama-era policy changes, while only 18% oppose

El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras

Trump’s homeland security chief to lead meeting on region’s economic and security issues, as experts say aid cuts and deportations could fuel instability

El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras

We have statistics that suggest that much of the product that is flowing through Central America today in trafficking routes makes a right turn and heads to Western Europe rather than proceeding north into North America


One perception among would-be border crossers is that under Trump the United States has gotten much tougher on migrants who are caught

Cada una de estas regiones —Los Cabos, la Riviera Maya, Acapulco— cuenta una historia distinta. Pero comparten características comunes

The DEA took a gamble. It shared the intelligence with a Mexican federal police unit that has long had problems with leaks — even though its members had been trained and vetted by the DEA. Almost immediately, the Treviños learned they’d been betrayed


The billionaire supermarket magnate served as president of Panama from 2009 to 2014 was taken into custody as he was driving out of his home around 7:30 p.m. (EST) and is being held at the Federal Detention Center


Hoy, el foco en la condena hacia el Estado por su represión de la oposición –sin duda correcto en principio– luce en los barrios como privilegio de clase

“Ustedes también tienen el derecho y el deber de rebelarse, de rebelarse ante ordenes que buscan reprimir al pueblo venezolano”