AP/Matt York photo at Yahoo! Caption: “In this Aug. 22, 2019, file photo, U.S. Customs and Patrol agents sit along a section of the international border wall that runs through Organ Pipe National Monument in Lukeville, Ariz. A public-private project that maps the bodies of border crossers recovered from Arizona’s inhospitable deserts, valleys and mountains said this week of Monday, Jan. 4, 2021 that it documented 227 such deaths in 2020, the highest in a decade following the hottest, driest summer in state history.”

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January 7, 2021

Western Hemisphere Regional

Habrá algunos cambios en las reglas y es aquí donde se perfila la puesta en escena de una segunda estrategia que llevaría adelante el gobierno demócrata

Future regional leaders, he said, may respond to U.S. critiques of their democratic processes with incredulity

If Americans were shocked by what they saw, the people of Latin America and the Caribbean, who have been accustomed to U.S. interference in their elections and domestic politics, were aghast


“I followed everything today. You know I’m connected to Trump, right? So you already know my answer”


El Secretario General recomienda como primera prioridad para el 2021 asegurar la protección y seguridad de excombatientes, comunidades afectadas por el conflicto y líderes sociales y los defensores(as) de los derechos humanos

None of these has yet been achieved, and the political will required today to advance on these key issues for the stability and future of the country is nowhere in sight

U.S.-Mexico Border

The bill expands funding to process unidentified human remains and help resolve missing persons’ cases so that families can find closure

Enforcement efforts in California and Texas over the years have pushed migrants into dangerous terrain in Arizona without easy access to food and water


Desde ese día permanece en los sótanos del organismo junto a otros cuatro militares que están bajo sospecha de estar relacionados con un presunto plan que supuestamente iba a ejecutar un camarero del Palacio de Miraflores