Jorge Lezama photo at SinEmbargo (Mexico). Caption: “Campesinos solicitaron el apoyo del Presidente.”

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January 26, 2021


O ministro da Defesa, general Fernando Azevedo, viaja no próximo sábado para os Estados Unidos e só volta no dia 4 de fevereiro. Ele vai para Luisiana visitar o Centro de Treinamento de Preparação Conjunta, em Fort Polk

Central America Regional

We need the Biden Administration to set a new tone that unequivocally embraces the rule of law. That starts by holding corrupt actors accountable through tools like the Magnitsky Act


The FARC’s political party will now be known as Comunes, which translates roughly to commoners or commons

The fallout of a decades-long armed conflict, a peace process that appears to be coming apart at the seams, an impending economic crisis, and a government with far-right conservative leanings that has failed to appease the growing frustration —all factors driving the anger of everyday Colombians

Carlos Holmes Trujillo se desempeñó en este gobierno como ministro de Relaciones Exteriores y de Defensa. Fue precandidato presidencial para las elecciones de 2018

La llegada de Girado tiene en tensión a tres departamentos y varios municipios de la Sierra Nevada de santa Marta

Márquez requested direct communication with Vice President Harris to help ensure the United States’ continued commitment to an inclusive peace in Colombia

Guatemala, Mexico

30 indigenous men and women traveled to the foreign ministry in Guatemala City from distant highland provinces on Monday after word spread their relatives may be among the deceased


While once only a concern for those with means, now no one is immune from becoming a kidnapping victim in Haiti


With the president now infected, what most aggrieved many Mexicans was not only that he had flouted basic safety precautions, but that he also may go back to playing down the threat

Unos 200 campesinos de siete comunidades del municipio de San Miguel Totolapan, Guerrero, se confrontaron a jaloneos y empujones este domingo con efectivos del Ejército que acudieron a destruir plantíos de amapola

The group had kept in contact with family members back home, Coronado said, but there had been no word for them since Thursday, when they were apparently in or near Tamaulipas

Since 2019, the current U.S. and Mexican Administrations have been working together to externalize U.S. immigration enforcement into Mexican territory. This resulted in thousands of African migrants being stranded in the southern Mexican city of Tapachula

U.S.-Mexico Border

Determining which fence segments should come down and how to fix the damage they have caused would likely require some tough decisions

A frontline Customs and Border Protection officer, who asked not to be identified as they were not authorized to speak publicly, told The Nation that they had concerns about the growth of this technology, especially with the agency “expanding its capabilities and training its armed personnel to act as a federal police”

About 1,220 individuals received positive credible fear determinations placing them into full removal proceedings where they may apply for various forms of protection such as asylum. However, as of October 2020, DHS and EOIR could not account for the status of such proceedings for about 630 of these individuals

While the suspension of new enrollments in MPP is a critical first step, thousands of individuals with pending MPP cases remain in danger


“Del lado del chavismo sí hay gente que quisiera la negociación”