Daniel Becerril/Reuters photo at the New York Times. Caption: “An encampment of more than 2,000 migrants seeking asylum in the United States last year in Matamoros.”

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January 29, 2021

Central America Regional

Biden needs to follow through on a proposed Central American regional anti-corruption commission. Otherwise, U.S. aid will not stop thousands of desperate people from fleeing


Mientras unos pidieron paciencia y reconocimiento hacia los logros alcanzados, otros reclamaron que los puntos altos son pocos y que en los territorios siguen marginados y desterrados

En efecto, la guerrilla se deshumanizó por completo con este delito

Conflict researchers, victims and former peace negotiators said the accusations are a signal to critics, who assert that rebels benefited from the peace process without fear of punishment, that the justice system set up by the accord is functioning

Se expedirán otros documentos en los que se individualizará la responsabilidad por Bloques de exmandos medios y ejecutores de las Farc en todos los territorios donde se cometió este delito de lesa humanidad

Miles de mujeres en Colombia luchan todos los días y desde hace décadas por sacar del olvido a sus seres queridos desaparecidos

Colombia, Cuba, Haiti

Now in makeshift tents on the beach of Necocli, these migrants hope to sneak into Panama en route to the US by crossing the dangerous Gulf of Uraba to the Colombian border town of Acandi


China and Iran are intrinsically more important than Cuba, which poses no real threat to the United States. Nevertheless, there are good reasons for the president to move quickly to re-engage with Cuba

The eight men argue that their ongoing detention violates a Supreme Court decision that generally blocks ICE from detaining people that it is unable to deport for more than six months, and who don’t pose a threat to public safety

Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela

Ecuador reforzará los destacamentos militares e incorporará una veintena de vehículos tácticos Hammer para ampliar la movilidad de sus patrullas en la frontera con Perú, con el fin de vigilar el ingreso de migrantes

El Salvador

El Salvador’s 39-year-old President Nayib Bukele sent local Twitter into a tailspin when he briefly changed his profile picture to an image of Sacha Baron Cohen from the movie The Dictator


A better approach with a realistic chance of proving effective would be to focus on a select number of regions producing the bulk of lethal conflict, such as Guanajuato, Guerrero, and Michoacán

In this case, it seems strange that the coyote was able to walk free and even alert the families in Guatemala that their relatives had been killed

Mexico, U.S.-Mexico Border, Western Hemisphere Regional

The impatience is a reflection of the soaring demand for relief among migrants amid an economically crippling pandemic and after four years of efforts by the Trump administration to choke off both legal and illegal immigration


The Fundación del Río (River Foundation), a conservation organization focused on Southeast Nicaragua, has been systematically reporting on the gradual environmental destruction of the Indio Maíz

U.S.-Mexico Border

Community leaders and experts consulted by the Guardian warned that urgent action is needed to stop the damage to fragile biodiverse landscapes and scarce water sources getting worse

In October 2019, DHS began pilots of the Prompt Asylum Claim Review (PACR) and Humanitarian Asylum Review Process (HARP) programs to quickly process migrants with claims of credible fear. We conducted this review to evaluate DHS’ effectiveness to date in implementing the programs

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki also said that nominee Alejandro Mayorkas would head up a task force that seeks to reunite migrant families

“These Trump policies are alive and well on the border … it’s frustrating”

the critical work of rebuilding must also begin at the border, where our national bonds of solidarity and the rule of law have both been distorted and undermined

We write to urge the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to rescind – and not extend or re-adopt – xenophobic, cruel, and unlawful policies implemented by the Trump administration under the pretext of public health


Varios analistas consultados por la Voz de América consideran que revocar la restricción no levantaría la presión a Maduro, y en cambio, evitaría que el país se quede sin diésel, esencial para el transporte de alimentos